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Which Florida Theme Park Are You?

We adore Orlando in Florida for its huge variety of theme parks and ways to experience the natural world. It’s partly why Florida holidays are always so popular. Which park do you think best sums up your personality? Take our quiz below to find out!

See below to find out what each theme park says about you:

Discovery Cove

Serenity. #MyDiscoveryStory #peace #calm #serenity #relaxation #escape #beauty

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You’re deep and mysterious, with plenty of colour and life on the outer surface. Much like Discovery Cove, close to SeaWorld in Orlando, you’re close to nature and full of facts. And much like the clear cool water of Discovery Cove, you’ve got plenty of chill as well. You’re as much at home swimming with dolphins as reclining on the beach, and that versatility is one characteristic your friends and family always appreciate in you.

Walt Disney World

Starting off the week with some magic! #WaltDisneyWorld #MagicKingdom (Photo: @jhelms1)

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Much like the world’s most famous theme park, you’re larger than life and you’ve always a story to tell. You might be a princess in the making, a hero in your own time or a wisecracking bundle of fun, but either way, you’re just like a Disney star brought to life. The magical attractions and vibrant characters of Walt Disney World suit you down to a tee, because you’re the ray of sunshine we all rely on to get us through.


Hoje é dia de Epcot!!

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Although it’s part of Walt Disney World, Epcot stands alone for its modern chic and its appreciation of art, culture and technology – just like you. Whether you’re capturing that perfect photo moment, breaking new personal bests with your fitness apps or looking to the next horizon and daring to dream, you’re a pioneer and a go-getter. What’s more, Epcot is known for its attention to detail and layered style, making it just as multifaceted as you.

Universal Studios Orlando

When you know your day is about to be EPIC.

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Just like this theme park, you’re exciting to know simply because there’s so much to you. Sometimes thrilling, at other times magical, yet always entertaining, you sum up the same vision that Universal Studios Orlando stands for. In many ways, you’re always preparing for the next adventure, and to those around you, you’re an inspiring vision of success, never afraid to follow the horizon with a spring in your step.

Busch Gardens

You’re at one with nature and in harmony with the animal kingdom, but that tranquillity doesn’t mean you’re a bore. Quite the opposite – your knowledge about the world and your knack for following your instincts means that plenty of people turn to you for advice from time to time. You’re just as happy sitting quietly in the sun as chasing the next adventure over hill and valley, and that dynamic approach is something we can all aspire to.

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