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Travel Tips – South Korea

Thinking of taking a trip to the fascinating nation of South Korea? Here’s some basic pointers to guide you on your way.

Given today’s announcement of a greatly expanded service offering flights to Seoul from London Heathrow Airport, I thought this might be the ideal moment to dish out some travel tips for those cheap holidays in South Korea. This destination is increasing steadily in popularity as more travel agencies and airlines open up the country to western tourists. There are also many young westerners who work in South Korea for six months to a year teaching English, before heading off to see the sights and immerse themselves in the country’s fascinating history and culture. Here, then, are some pointers as to what you can expect upon arrival at Seoul Incheon Airport.

The first thing to expect in Seoul is friendly locals. Hospitality is important in Korean culture, and visitors arriving for cheap holidays will be treated with politeness and courtesy. Some people you meet might even invite you into their home. If so, remove your shoes upon entering – and be sure you bring a small gift!

The best time to visit south Korea is in Spring, between April and May. At this time the weather is warm and fresh, with the possibility of humidity and rain increasing between June and August. The autumn is also a good bet for cheap holidays, and the Korean countryside is gorgeous to behold in the September-November period. The winter months may be very chilly, but there will also be the option of skiing in the Korean mountains.

Carrying a small amount of local cash is always handy, and in most cities and towns credit cards and travellers’ cheques will be accepted with no problems. There will also be a preponderance of ATMs and currency exchange offices. While travelling in the countryside, however, more planning is needed, as cash will be the only option in most places.

Asiana Airlines daily cheap flights to Seoul begin operating out of Heathrow from 30 October, leaving London at 21:00 and arriving at Seoul Incheon at 16:50pm, local time. Return flights leave Incheon at 11:30am on Mondays and 13:30pm on all the other days of the week, arriving back in the UK around 15:20pm and 17:25pm respectively.