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Travel Gadgets That Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

We Brits love our gadgets, whether it’s high-tech or just a clever twist on a recognisable product. And, as our needs and expectations are evolving as we travel more, many manufacturers and suppliers are refining their products to suit us, making going on holiday a simpler and more memorable experience.

So, with it nearly being time to get those fairy lights out, we’ve compiled our top 15 travel gadget choices that should keep everyone you love happy during the festive period – and beyond.

Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine By Wacaco, from Bear & Bear

This is the product for coffee lovers everywhere. Forget about popping into the nearest chain, just fill this cutting edge device with ground coffee and hot water, then pump for frothy espresso shots. It even comes with its own built-in cup and scoop. Perfect for that drive to the airport or a jaunt in the hills.

Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack, from Snow + Rock

Looking for that ideal rucksack for your next travel adventure? This attractive ‘stuff pack’ could be the ideal gift to you. When you’re not using it, it takes seconds to fold it up and fit into its own carry case, then straight in your suitcase. It’s also fully waterproof.

Three Packing Squares, from Lakeland

If you’re eternally scratching your head about the best place to put that loose charger, adaptor, or earplugs, these travel squares could be the ideal solution. Each one is a different colour providing easy identification, and with internal see-through mesh panels, you won’t waste any time rummaging around.

Spacepak Clothes Compression Unit By Flight001, from Bear & Bear

This is lightweight and durable Spacepak is perfect for compactly packing your clothes. It has two air vents that aid compression, while two zippered departments means one side can be used for clean clothes and the other for dirty clothes. Flat packing is also the best way to reduce any creases in clothes.

Travel Door Lock, from Cotswold Outdoor

There are times when we all feel the need for a bit of extra security. Well, this nifty travel door lock will offer that peace of mind. Plus it’s durable, lightweight, easy-to-use and adaptable to most internal doors – and cheaper than you’d expect too.

Collapsible Reusable Coffee Cup By Stojo, from Bear & Bear

Us Brits love a good tea or coffee, which makes this the ideal gift for someone who’s always on the go but doesn’t want to be left holding an empty cup. Simply collapse it down to a two-inch disc then stash it into your pocket or bag when you’re done. It’s also made of recyclable materials, is leak-proof and easy to clean. Brilliant.

RC Submarine, from Red5

This is a fab Crimbo gift for anyone over eight interested in discovering the fabulous world that lies beneath the surface of the water. It’s a high-tech device with a clever diving function that allows it to submerge within seconds, with five-way directional control and a twin screw propeller for increased speed. Its compact size means it’s a fun and easy gadget to take away with you.

T630 Bluetooth Speaker, from Red5

This is a funky, compact speaker gives you the option of switching between five psychedelic multi-coloured LED themes to suit the sound. For example, go for the ‘rainbow’ theme and diagonal bands of colour to light up the speaker. The ideal gift for the travelling party animal.

Hubsan X4 FPV Drone with GPS Phenomenal flyer, from Red5

This nifty gift looks like the Darth Vader of the drone world. Measuring 22cm x 22cm x 7cm, it has a built-in GPS with failsafe and follow-me function – so it’s easy to control, it also has a 5.8GHz FPV 1080P HD Camera. This is the gift for that important person in your life.

Bookman Bookmark Reading Light and Phone Stand, from Lakeland

Another great stocking filler, this bendy chap with LED lights is made from flexible silicon. Turn him into a handy bookmark, or hold him over your book to make an affective reading lamp. Or bend him into a sitting position making him ideal for holding your phone.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote, from Currys

Say goodbye to hours spent in your hotel room watching late-night movies in a foreign language – take control with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Simply plug into your hotel television’s HDMI port and you can begin streaming your favourite shows from Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer, Netflix and more. As long as there’s Wi-Fi of course.

Tropical Anime UE ROLL 2, from Ultimate Ears

This rad-looking waterproof speaker is just the coolest thing. And it makes the perfect travelling companion. It’s compact and nearly flat, with a handy cord for holding and has nine hours of battery life. It can also link up to two phones simultaneously. Amazing.

Universal sim card, from OneSimCard

Holidaying in a foreign country immediately raises our concerns about the eye-watering mobile bill we’re likely to come home to. It takes just 15-seconds to change your sim card, so switch to OneSimCard – a unique provider working with networks in over 200 countries worldwide, which means that you will get 85% off calls, texts and data wherever you may be.

XY Smart Item Finder, from XY The Findables Company

This quirky gadget means there’s no need to panic when your phone, keys or passport go AWOL. The XY Smart Item Finder is a small plastic toggle that can be attached to any object and links up to your phone so whenever you misplace something, you can simply locate it using GPS. It even has a setting that means your phone will be alerted if you move further away from your object. Plus it comes in a range of bright colours.

Illuminating Travel Mirror, from Lakeland

This illuminating travel mirror is not only has LED lights that can be dimmed, it’s lightweight, has a protective travel case, and can be handheld or freestanding. The perfect stocking filler.

Now you’re up to date with the hottest travel gadgets on the market, have a look at our latest winter holiday deals to book yourself that perfect getaway.