Top Holidays With Tasty Vegan Cuisine

Top Holidays With Tasty Vegan Cuisine

In this day and age, it’s not too difficult to find amazing vegan food in the UK. It’s a little harder to know which holiday destinations will be the most accommodating for your vegan diet, though! If you’re on the hunt for a happy holiday with perfect plant-based dishes, take a look at our favourites and get ready for the tastiest trip of your life…


Mexico is one of our best-selling destinations because of its dreamy beaches, incredible resorts and year-round sunshine. On top of all this, it has some heavenly hotels with vegan and veggie options! If you’re hoping for tasty plant-based refreshments by a twinkling pool or you’re ready for a luxurious three-course feast, our top vegan-friendly hotels in Mexico will make sure you never go hungry.

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Mexico is the irresistible cuisine. Sizzling fajitas, mountains of nachos, fiery tacos and tequila slammers are signature choices. Plan your holiday to Mexico and get excited knowing you’ll be able to enjoy all these fabulous flavours of Mexico with a plant-based diet. You’ll want to visit again and again!

Mexico offers some of the best holidays for vegans at spectacular hotels.* Here are some of our favourites to take a look at…


Many of the ingredients you think of when you picture Greek dishes are vegan-friendly, so there’s no wonder it’s one of our favourite places for vegan travel. Think mouth-watering Mediterranean vegetables, aromatic garlic, plump olives and rustic breads. Food is one of the key reasons people visit Greece (along with the immaculate beaches, scenic views and sizzling weather, of course!) and that’s no exception for vegetarians and vegans.

Our favourite hotels with excellent vegan options in Greece are scattered across many of the beautiful islands. You certainly won’t be short of options! Whether you’d like an All Inclusive resort where you can enjoy a week of indulgence or you’d prefer exploring what the local area has to offer, there are so many serene spots just perfect for vegans in Greece.

Check out some of our top picks for hotels that offer vegan options across the gorgeous Greek Islands…


Looking for a travel destination with endless beauty and vibrant flavours in every dish? Head to the stunning Indian state of Goa, where food is a passion and vegan meals are plentiful. The beaches on India’s western coast are unmatched, with immaculate golden sands and inviting waters. Goa’s tropical climate means it’s hot all year round, which is a fabulous added bonus!

Many of the hotels in Goa have a massively diverse selection of food, including spicy curries, veggie street food and vegan breakfast options. Our favourite hotels are known to go above and beyond to cater for all appetites, whether it’s at your sit-down evening meal or in a lunchtime buffet. One thing is guaranteed when you visit India – the food won’t disappoint!

Are your taste-buds tingling for Goan food? Take a look at some of our favourite hotels to stay in with vegan-friendly food…


This sparkling gem of an island in the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most vegan-friendly holiday destinations you’ll find. Not only is the food to die for – it’s got all the other ingredients of a fabulous beach holiday, too! In Majorca, you’ve got everything from breath-taking nature trails to a buzzing party scene to quaint local markets. It’s one of our top destinations that keeps our passengers coming back over and over again.

There are a lot of hotels we’d suggest sending you to in Majorca, but we do particularly love TUI BLUE – especially for vegans. These stylish and comfortable hotels offer plenty of facilities for people who want to focus on health and wellbeing on their holidays, and they always have a range of nutritious and seriously tasty food to suit all diets. You’ll have something new to try each day!

Making plans for Majorca already? Take a closer look at some of our favourite hotels serving up gorgeous vegan food here…


Finally, we’d recommend those looking for a vegan-friendly holiday to visit pretty Portugal, where it’s been made illegal not to offer a vegan option! Portugal’s got plenty of gorgeous spots perfect for quiet retreats where you can relax, unwind and watch the wonderful world go by. Think clifftop hotels, serene spas, sprawling beaches and shimmering pools. With sunshine galore and organic vegan refreshments at hand, what could be better?

Some of our favourite hotels and resorts in Portugal offer a haven of health and wellness activities, alongside all the luxury of a swanky beach hotel. They truly are the ultimate places to recharge. The plant-based food offered in Portugal is anything from tasty cooked lupini beans to crispy garlic bread on the side of colourful vegan soups. Simply delicious!

Browse these fabulous hotels and make a beeline for Portugal for a vegan-friendly holiday you’ll never forget…

Hopefully, you’ll now have worked up an appetite for travel as well as endless tasty vegan dishes! If you’re ready to plan your trip, don’t forget that you can book all our holidays safe in the knowledge that you’re getting our lowest online price guarantee. Happy holidays!

*Please note that our recommendations are not strictly vegan hotels – they are hotels with amazing vegan-friendly options. There may be some restaurants within the resorts that are dedicated vegetarian restaurants.

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