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The Best Travel Spots for the Easter Holidays

Fancy a getaway this Easter? Switch the chocolates for coconuts, somewhere exotic. To save you the research, we’ve rounded up the best places to travel during Easter time.

Dominican Republic

The Caribbean is undoubtedly one of the best places to spend the Easter holidays, but I bet you’re wondering why we have chosen the Dominican Republic? This island may not seem like the obvious choice, especially with islands like Barbados as most people’s Caribbean pick. But if you’re simply looking for warmer weather with a reasonable price tag we recommend this stunning mountainous island.

The weather rarely falls below 20oC in the Dominican Republic and April sees an average high of 30oC – significantly warmer than the UK at this time of year. However, the biggest draw has to be the low-end All Inclusive prices. This island is one of the more affordable Caribbean islands, but this doesn’t mean that it’s any less beautiful. From Punta Cana’s striking beaches to Bahia Maimon’s top-of-the-range hotels, each resort has its own charm so be sure to choose the right resort for you.


April is one of the best times to travel to Tunisia. The sun is out but it’s not uncomfortably hot, the locals aren’t rushed off their feet so you’re more likely to receive a better service and there are plenty of sunbeds to be had, which means you don’t have to set your alarm clock two hours early just to secure a sun lounger.

Tunisia is just beginning to hot up at this time of the year with temperatures reaching 22oC, so if you’re looking to avoid the April showers this is a great choice as this month sees an average rainfall of just 6 days. Besides, if you don’t want to pay extortionate prices for a week of sun, Tunisia is your best bet. This country offers great value for money with 5 star hotels on an All Inclusive basis for unbelievable prices. Not sure where to stay? Tunisia has a host of resorts, but they all differ so your choice will be based on your particular needs. Skanes is great for its cheap but highly-recommended 3 star hotels while Sousse is great for families and couples with its lively options and Hammamet is known for its beaches.

And if you’re travelling with children, Tunisia’s flight time of 3 hours and 15 minutes is ideal as we all know a long-haul flight with small children can be hard work. Let face it, there’s nothing worse than trying to keep your little ones occupied at 35,000 feet in the confines of an aircraft.

Gran Canaria

As the third-largest Island in the Canaries’, you can expect great things from Gran Canaria – and we don’t just mean sunshine! Yes, this island sees its fair share of sun-filled hours with its constant toasty climate, but there’s more on offer here. Maspalomas is one of the most popular resorts with its Blue Flag beach, cocktail bars, and not to mention its Sahara-like sand dunes.

This resort is also one for the children with Aqualand where your little ones can have some splash-filled fun and Camello Safari Duna Oasis where your kids can enjoy a camelback ride. Coming in a close second is, Playa Del Ingles. This resort is particularly popular with couples and groups who visit its sunny shores for its packed bars and late-opening restaurants. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a quiet getaway then you may want to consider the less crowded resort of Bahia Feliz.

This hidden gem is ideal for a week of relaxing away from the busier neighbouring resorts of Playa Del Ingles and Maspalomas. Its Moroccan feel offers a stylish setting with its pavement cafés and multiple restaurants dotted around the town’s vibrant square. And did we mention that Playa del Ingles is just 10 kilometres north of Bahia Feliz. So, if you’re seeking a larger beach as well as a livelier night scene you can always escape for an hour or two and head to this bustling resort.

Cape Verde

If you’re looking for somewhere exotic to escape this Easter but don’t fancy a long-haul flight then Cape Verde is one to consider. Let me guess, the name rings a bell but you have no idea where it is. Well, it’s time to clear things up. Made up of 10 islands, Cape Verde is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa and is often described as the short-haul Caribbean. This emerging destination seems to be cropping up in every travel brochure recently and it’s easy to why with its cloud-white beaches, great kite surfing spots, plush hotels and consistent warm temperatures.

So, why is Cape Verde a great spring destination? You can expect an average temperature of 23°C, highs of 26°C and 10 sunlight hours most days – it’s safe to say you won’t be needing you’re umbrella in this tropical setting.

Although the weather is the deciding factor for most, there is plenty more at your feet. Boa Vista and Sal have some of the newest and swankiest hotels in Cape Verde, so if you’re a lover of watersports Boa Vista’s choppy waters are great for a spot of kite-surfing while Sal’s 8 kilometres of beach is ideal for sun-worshippers


Easter school holidays were made for Egypt. The two week duration means parents can whisk their children away for a week, giving them some much-needed time to recover before the children go back to school. So, if you’re after a family destination that isn’t in the Mediterranean, Egypt is your Easter holiday hotspot with its high spring temperatures and affordable package holidays.

Hurghada is a great option with its family-focused activities and hotels. This city has seen major developments over the past years and is rapidly becoming one of Egypt’s tourist traps. Their hotels have it all − splash parks, kids’ clubs, a la carte dining, luxury spas. Not to mention it’s a world-class spot for snorkelling.

Where will you go this Easter?