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Take Your Holiday Inspiration From Beyoncé

Anything Beyoncé does she does with style, and that’s certainly true for holidays. Her vacations are regularly in the news as she happily shares pics on social media. Recent jaunts include Italy, Thailand and even Iceland – and her carefully-curated website is full of perfect Instagram snaps of the pop star looking sassy yet carefree. Rather than poring over these pictures with envy, you can take inspiration from the diva that always looks photo-ready and adopt her luxe style for your own next holiday.

Practice your pose

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Beyoncé has the pose down to a fine art, relaxed yet oh-so-cool, she doesn’t seem to take a break from it on holiday. Earlier in the year Beyoncé went to Florence, Italy with her hubby Jay Z and three year-old daughter Blue Ivy. She managed to pose provocatively with pizza and all glammed up in front of a backdrop of marble and Italian architecture. Rather than smile she often looks wistfully into the camera or with her ‘independent woman’ face. If you want to be on-trend with your pose start practising the  ‘squinch’. Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner are fans.

Kid around

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Mum of one, Beyoncé, often has her daughter in tow and this has resulted in a collection of playful family photos of the star. Even with all the posing and looking perfect, Beyoncé seems to know how to have fun. From jumping off yachts to scoffing ice-cream, if Beyoncé lets her hair down on holiday so should we all. Blue Ivy is a very well travelled three year-old as well is being well dressed. She was recently pictured in trainers matching her mum.

Always accessorise

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Beyoncé can teach us all a thing or two about accessorising. Queen Bey plus family recently travelled to Southeast Asia, stopping off in Thailand and Cambodia. Visiting the majestic temples of Angkor, Beyoncé was pictured in more locally-styled dress. In stark contrast to the local monks who shun modern materialism, Beyoncé accessorised with a headscarf, sunglasses and jewellery, including rings, a cuff bracelet and a necklace. Accessories are key on holiday because they can transform an outfit with just a small change. Add jewellery, a belt and heels to a loose-fitting shirt used to cover up on the beach and you have a fine evening dress.

Holiday beauty

Despite all the glitz and glam, Beyoncé keeps her holiday make-up simple. Generally she rocks the no-makeup look, and lets her skin speak for itself. Hot climes are not the places to wear a full face of makeup.  Rather, holiday makeup should be light and fresh, leaving you to enjoy yourself rather than worry about a smudgy face.

Look out for multi-purpose products and always go for waterproof products. For day focus on neat eyebrows, a slick of waterproof mascara and a flash of gloss on the lips. For evening you can layer it up more with eyeliner, lipstick and a touch of bronzer. Pick skin products that will moisturise to get that Beyoncé glow, and always remember the SPF.

So there you have it – you really can be a bit more Beyoncé. You might not have the private jet and 5-star hotel, but hey, everything looks better on Instagram.