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Stylish Sun Protection


So you’ve booked that dream holiday to the Caribbean, found your perfect accommodation, done your local research on local places to visit, now all you have to do is pack. Coming from the grey, cold weather of the UK, we Brits are not always that savvy when it comes to getting our holiday wear in order, especially when we’re visiting a place that is guaranteed to be hot and sunny pretty much all year round.

If you go during festival season, you’ll be surrounded by so many beautiful costumes so it might be a good idea to leave the dark colours at home. In some Caribbean countries camouflage is not permitted for non-members of the military such as Jamaica, Barbados and St. Lucia, so it’s important to do your research before you go.

You may think your beach wear doesn’t take up a lot of room and so cram every item you own into your suitcase but before you do, think about protecting your skin from the sun. We’re used to just a few months of sunny weather a year in the UK, but in the Caribbean, temperatures can jump over 85°F (29°C), so it’s important to opt for clothes that allow the skin to breathe while offering protection for your skin.


One of the most important items you’ll need in the sun is a hat to keep those intense rays off your head. Go for one that has a stylish wide brim so it not only looks good but keeps the back of your neck protected. For children you may want to consider a swim flap hat, while men look stylish in a Panama hat, woven from breathable palm. These tend to stay on, even in the water providing very good sun protection for delicate skin.


For women, one of the most versatile and stylish items of beachwear you can own is the sarong. Not just for covering up when it’s time to transition from the beach to the hotel or town but it can be used as a wrap to cover your shoulders, a stylish headscarf and can even be used as a beach mat. If you’re visiting the Caribbean it has to be brightly coloured, as you’ll fit right in with the locals, but you can also look for one which has high UV protection for that added peace of mind.

Swim shirts

A swimsuit, shorts or bikini may be the first items that pop into your head once you decide to embark on that all important packing but bear in mind that if you only have these items for the beach, it may limit how long you can stay put. Slathering sun lotion on yourself every two hours may come easy to some people, but if you know you’ll probably forget it might be wise to invest in a rash vest or swim shirt. These waterproof tops come in all kinds of colours and pretty patterns, and help not only protect from the sun but also keep your body warm after hours in the ocean.

Wherever you’re visiting in the Caribbean you’ll be surrounded by pretty floral designs, flowing skirts, colourful headscarfs and straw hats. So when in the Caribbean do as the locals do and wear it loud and protect your skin so there’s less worrying about sunburn and more focus on having fun.