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Strangest Laws From Around The Globe

Every country in the world seems to have some weird and wacky laws that make you question what on Earth the people in authority were thinking when they came up with them. Here is our pick of the strangest laws from around the globe, and of course where else would we start than with the good old US of A.


State laws in the US are some of the strangest you’ll find anywhere, and here is our pick of the best from right across this great nation.


It’s against the law for a man with a moustache to kiss a woman in public.


In Hartford it is strictly prohibited to walk on your hands.


You are not allowed to look at a moose from an aeroplane.


It’s illegal in Denver to lend your next door neighbour your vacuum cleaner.

Pueblo requires that no citizens grow dandelions.


In Los Angeles it’s forbidden to bathe two babies in the same bath tub at the same time.


It is against the law in Minneapolis for any drivers of a red car to drive down Lake Street.

Do not cross the border into Wisconsin with a duck or a chicken on your head, and if you see someone who does then it is your civil duty as a Wisconsinite to send them back.


The law states that if you swear in front of more than one person, you may end up in county jail for up to thirty days or you may be ordered a fine to put in the state swear jar.


There will be no buying a bag of peanuts in the hours of darkness here.

[Tweet “Road users will be pleased to hear that it’s against the law to drive while blindfolded in Alabama #strangelaws #gladsomeonethoughtofthat”]


It is illegal to kiss someone in public for more than eighteen minutes.

North Carolina

There will be a few X-Factor contestants breaking the law here as it’s against the law to sing off key.


No more than six girls can live in the same house in Maricopa County.


[Tweet “In the Sunshine State it is illegal to break wind in public after six on a Sunday evening #strangelaws”]


In Jefferson Parish it is illegal to feed hogs raw food. All food must be cooked.


[Tweet “In Victoria, Australia, only a qualified electrician is permitted to change a light bulb #strangelaws”]

Also, in Victoria it is forbidden to wear pink hot pants on a Sunday. However, it’s acceptable to wear them Monday to Saturday, but only in a legal sense. The fashion police may still have a warrant out for your arrest.

It is against the law to walk the streets if you happen to be wearing black clothes, felt shoes and black shoe polish on your face as you resemble a cat burglar.

On the Gold Coast a lady can’t wear a bikini that is made from material that is more than six square inches. This is the law.

Australia law says that children under 18 are prohibited from purchasing cigarettes, however there is no law that states they cannot smoke them.

Australian bars are required by law to provide food, water and stabling to the horses of their patrons.


It is forbidden to step on money.

If you are in Thailand remember it is illegal to leave the house minus your underwear. Most of us are very thankful for this law.

It is against the law to drive a car topless. This applies to both men and women.

An old Thai law stated that any women who had not married by the age of thirty became the property of the state.

Be reminded to keep a coin in your pocket if you plan on swimming across any rivers as this is the law.


We also have quite a few strange laws. Here are some of the best…

Allowing any servant to stand on a windowsill to clean or paint is illegal.

Dying in UK Parliament is illegal, and people who die are deprived of parliamentary scrutiny. If someone suddenly becomes ill and is likely to die he is removed immediately.

[Tweet “In the nineteenth century women were barred from eating chocolate on all public transport #strangelaws”]

If you are suffering from the plague it is illegal to flag down a taxi.

In 1847 a law was passed forbidding the hanging out of washing or shaking doormats in a public street after 8am.

It is illegal to queue jump. So be prepared to wait your turn.

In Liverpool it is illegal for a woman to be topless unless they work in a tropical fish store.

In Scotland it is against the law to refuse anyone who knocks on your door to use your toilet.


It is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.


It is forbidden to wash your car on a Sunday.

Swiss law prohibits a man from standing to use the toilet after 10pm. You are not allowed to flush either after this time.

You will not see washing hanging out to dry on a Sunday as this is illegal.

Pets will never be lonely in Switzerland as there is a law stating that no pet should be solitary and must be housed with another.

You may be arrested if you are heard reciting poetry whilst skiing down a mountain.


There will be no drilling on a Sunday.

You will be fined and receive points on your license if you run out of petrol on the motorway.

A pillow is classed as a weapon in Germany, so if you do feel the urge to have a pillow fight be warned as you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Be aware when deciding on a baby name that it has to be gender specific as the law states that the gender must be obvious by the first name.

Whatever you do – do not mention 1966 in any football ground. This is against the law.


Do not walk around your house naked as the penalty will be $1000

If you forget to flush your toilet in Singapore be prepared for a fine.

If you have been to Singapore you will notice how clean it is. This will probably have to do with the fact that any serial litterers that have been caught three times are made to clean the streets on a Sunday wearing a bib with the slogan “I am a litterer”. Guess they won’t be doing that again.

If you feel like hugging someone in public then ask their permission first as they have the right to judge you, and you may end up doing jail time.

It is against the law to chew gum here.


[Tweet “According to Irish law, if a leprechaun comes to your door, you must be prepared to share your dinner #strangelaws”]

Grafton street in Dublin prohibits the smoking of tobacco, despite it having two tobacco shops.

There shall be no drinking or swearing on a Sunday.

In 1665 on account of the bubonic plague in London, Ireland made a law stating that everyone should fast on the first Wednesday of every month.

Students of Trinity College are permitted by law to ask for a glass of wine during an exam. Under one condition – they have to be wearing a sword.


It is illegal to remove bandages in public.

It is against the law to show any acts of public affection on a Sunday.

In Petrolia, Ontario it is illegal to whistle.

If you happened to sell your cooker between 1947 and 1986 on a Wednesday in Vancouver you would have been breaking the law.

It is unlawful for any teens to walk downtown Main Street in Fort Qu’Appelle, Quebec with their shoelaces untied.


Any woman of ill-repute or an evil appearance may be arrested if entering the cheese factory in Ferrara as they may turn the milk sour.

Any men wishing to wear a skirt in Italy should carefully reconsider their dress code as it is an offence to wear one.

Since 2005 Italians are not allowed to have goldfish as pets as it is considered cruel. We are wondering what happened to all the goldfish that were already owned as pets after 2005.

If you are planning a day at the seaside in Ercela then leave your bucket and spade at home as the building of sandcastles is prohibited.

In Capri it is against the law to wear shoes that make a noise.


In France you may divorce your spouse if they have smoked too much, are too interested in football, and spend too much time with the local bishop.

Kissing at a railway station is considered unlawful.

You wont find any pigs with the name of Napoleon as it is against the law.

In Paris a law was created in 1800 forbidding women to dress like a man. So unless they were riding a horse, trousers were strictly prohibited. The law is actually still in place, but thankfully it is ignored.

To any folk that are from other planets please pay attention to the fact that it is strictly prohibited to fly any UFOs over any vineyards in the Rhone region.

There are thousands of strange laws around the world and the list is endless. Do you know of any others? If so, please share with us in the comments below.