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Siam Park Slide Guide – How brave are you?

This whopping, 46-acre waterpark in Tenerife houses all shapes and sizes of slides nestled in its Thai-style scenery. Here’s a rundown starting at the tamer end of things, and including rides you can enjoy together, through to some of Siam Park’s biggest, fastest and most infamous rides.

Best for children and chilled out rides

The Giant

Over 1.25m

Choose your lane and drift on a tube down to one of two bowls – the biggest of their kind in the world. You’ll twist round the edges a few times before sinking through the funnel into another tube and down to the pool.

The Lost City

No height limits

Well and truly geared up for children, The Lost City claims to have the only pool made especially for babies in the whole of the Canary Islands. But it’s much more than that – as well as the towers, bridges, cascades, and jets kids can control, there are 15 slides in The Lost City. So, no matter their age, they can whizz down a few.


Maximum 1.25m

This children’s zone includes water slide tracks where four children can race each other and has a smaller scale version of the adult’s favourite The Dragon slide, where kids narrowly evade the creature’s jaws.

Mai Thai Slow River

Children smaller than 1.10m can go on this lazy river with an adult, while wearing a life jacket, so they don’t miss out on the fun. As the name suggests, it’s a gentle pace and the water is kept at a cosy 24⁰C.

Best for groups and families

Mekong Rapids

Over 1.10m

The Mekong Rapids are no lazy river – this fast-paced, four-man dinghy ride whisks you around corners, splashing up the curves before bumping over a big slide and making a splashdown.

The Dragon

Over 1.25m

Up to four people share a float that slides down giant tubes at speed before drifting up a bowl to within inches of the giant dragon’s grasp and back down a ‘plughole’ opening to the exit tube.

Jungle snake

Over 1.1m on two slides and 1.25m on two other slides

You can travel on your own or with a partner on the Jungle Snake, the tamer version of the Mekong Rapids, which lazily ambles along through closed slides and open ones where you can enjoy the scenery.

Best for adrenaline junkies

The Volcano

Over 1.25m

The Volcano is a group ride, where four people sit on a clover leaf shaped inflatable. However, it earns its place in the adrenaline junkie section as the first part is completely in the dark, followed by a laser show.

The Tower of Power

Over 1.4m/14 years

The park’s star attraction in terms of making your stomach feel like it’s in your mouth, the Tower of Power is a 28-metre sheer drop slide. You’ll reach speeds of up to 80km/h as you plummet, and for the grand finale, as the slide plateaus, you pass under an aquarium full of sharks and rays.


Over 1.25m

The newest ride at Siam Park, Singha is a whopping 240 metres long, twisting its way down the hillside and changing direction 14 times. It’s so fast – 18 metres per second – that there are even sections where you go uphill!

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Which slide would you love to have a go on? Does it make you want to book that flight to Tenerife now?