Quiz: How Many of These Street Foods Have You Tried?


When you go on holiday, do you go for a) sun, b) sea, c) fun, d) food, or e) all of the above? Yes, holidays are about all the exciting things and when you get to your destination, you totally have to try the local cuisine—and for cheap and truly local eats, street food is a great option.

So, how adventurous are you? Give yourself a tick for every kind you’ve tried…

  1. 1. Moroccan B’ssara – a rich bean soup usually served for breakfast with freshly baked bread.
  2. 2. Harira – at sunset at Ramadan, Moroccans often break their fast with a bowl of rich, delicious tomato lamb and lentil soup
  3. 3. Couscous – a fine grain traditionally served in Morocco with a stew of meat and vegetables.
  4. 4. Moroccan Makouda – little deep fried potato balls served with a harissa sauce to dip them into.
  5. 5. Zaalouk – a Moroccan smoked aubergine dip served with bread and fresh vegetables.
  6. Egyptian Koshari – undeniably greasy but delicious, this is a mixture of rice, lentils and vermicelli pasta, topped with fiery tomato sauce and fried onions.
  7. Umm Ali – an Egyptian toasted bread pudding, made with nuts, raisins and milk
  8. Gelato – Italian ice cream, or gelato, usually comes in so many flavours it’s mind boggling. You have to keep going back until you’ve tried every one!
  9. Italian pizza – no explanation needed.
  10. Fresh fried seafood – at many Italian ports you can get whatever the tiny catch of the day is (little fish, shrimp or squid) fried in batter in front of your eyes and served to you in a paper cone.
  11. Zeppole – Italian fried doughballs like mini doughnuts with custard, jelly or chocolate inside. Served hot and sugar dusted.
  12. Pani ca Meusa – a traditional Sicilian treat that resembles a hamburger but actually consists of chopped veal’s lung and spleen.
  13. Yaki Imo – a traditional Japanese treat consisting of baked sweet potatoes roasted over a wood fire.
  14. Crepes – popular in many places in the world, you’re as likely to find these on a Parisian street corner as one in Tokyo. They come with a wide range of fillings, sweet and savoury.
  15. Corn on the cob – you can get this hot grilled treat, liberally salted, on many streets of Croatia and Serbia in the winter.
  16. Okonomiyaki – a savoury Japanese pancake with vegetables incorporated into it, okonomiyaki make a filling lunch.
  17. Dango – Japanese dumplings on a stick, served with a sweet and savoury sauce.
  18. Senbei – Japanese rice crackers. Available in packets but you’ve never tasted rice crackers until you’ve had them fresh.
  19. Takoyaki – round octopus fritters, topped with mayonnaise, ginger and fish flakes, served on the streets of Japan
  20. Kare pan – Curry donut anyone? This Japanese snack consists of a bun with curry in the centre.
  21. Oden – a very traditional Japanese broth of vegetable and meat, simmered for a long time. Wonderful on a winter’s night.
  22. Shioyaki – A salty Japanese snack of a salty fish on a stick.
  23. Yakisoba – Japanese wheat noodles usually served with pork in a sticky sweet sauce.
  24. Tacos al pastor – forget the tacos you’ve had anywhere else in the world and head straight to Mexico for the best ones. Tacos al Pastor are tacos with a fire grilled pork topping.
  25. Vietnamese banh mi – Perhaps the most delicious sandwich in the world. A fresh cooked baguette with a variety of fillings.
  26. Pork hot pot from Myanmar – Every part of a pig possible is popped on a stick and you just sit nearby, pull your preferred part out and munch on it.
  27. Iranian yogurt soup – This comes hot or cold, with meat or vegetables added, and is served with flatbread.
  28. Belgian waffles – Served around the world of course, but in Belgium they are crispy, hot and served with fruit, chocolate sauce, or icecream – yum!
  29. Mofu ananas – Mofu is a kind of bread in Madagascar and mofu ananas is a batter mixed with chopped green vegetables and tomatoes and deep fried.
  30. Indian gol gappa – Gol gappa is a bite size crispy pocket called a puri filled with chickpeas and potatoes. Pop it in your mouth whole and enjoy the flavour explosion!

Well, how did you get on?

0-10 – a timid traveller. You need to get your courage up and try pointing at more snacks, even if you’ve no idea what they are the results could be exciting!

11-20 – you’ve tried a respectable number of options, and, we bet, travelled a fair bit! But there’s always something new to taste, so keep trying those intriguing looking meals.

21-30 – you’ve just about tried the lot! Intrepid adventurer, we salute you.