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Quick and Easy Holiday Hair Hacks That You Need To Try

Most of you will agree with us when we say the mixture of sun, sea and humidity levels can take its toll on your hair. That’s why a fuss-free hairstyle that takes minimal effort is a must on holiday as no one wants to spend hours in front of the mirror when your hair is most likely going to get wet or covered in sand. With summer finally in sight we think it’s time to start trying out some of these simple heat-proof hairstyles ideal for a day at the beach or pool. What do you have to lose? Give them a go and be a hair expert in time for summer.

Beach-friendly Top Knot

When the sun is out and the humidity levels are unbearable the sleek knot is your go-to hairstyle for those days spent sunbathing. This sophisticated style is easy to achieve, so don’t worry if you’re useless with hair because anyone can create this look. All you need to do is gather your hair and place it into a high ponytail. Once your hair is secure fasten, twist and tie it into a high knot and secure with an elastic band – and the best part is it doesn’t have to be perfect. Even though the style is ideal for the beach it can also be worn when the sun goes down. In fact, the look made its way onto the red carpet last month, making everyone re-consider the style when it was transformed into an elegant evening look.

Camera-ready Chignon

The banded chignon is a beach essential, and the good news is the style works well with any hair length or texture, [Tweet “so don’t feel left out if you haven’t got the mane of a model”]. All you need is a stretchy hair band, some hair grips and a touch of hairspray. Start by placing the band around the crown of your head and fasten your hair into a loose bobble to hold the hair in place. After this, simply tuck the hair into the band and you have a messy up-do. Not only does this style look super chic for summer, but you often find that it creates natural-looking beach waves when you take it out.

Bohemian Braid

With boho styles all over the runway this year this simple and easy braid is ideal for anyone who hasn’t yet mastered the fiddly fishtail. If you happen to be one of those people this boho braid is your perfect beach hairstyle. Simply take the front sections of your hair and twist them into a small plait. This won’t only keep your hair out of your face but it will also look super chic when you’re riding the waves. This style was made for places like Ibiza and Goa which are both renowned for their hippy cultures.

Sleek Twisted Ponytail

This is easier to achieve if your hair is wet or damp, which is often the case on holiday as you constantly need to cool off. If you’re jetting off to an extremely hot climate this summer this style is essential as it keeps your hair off your face which will keep you cool while soaking up that blazing Thailand sun. All you need to do is put your hair into a basic low ponytail and open a space in the middle with your thumb and index finger. Next, pass the ponytail through the gap to your thumb and index finger and gently pull. You now have the perfect poolside ponytail. See that wasn’t too hard was it?

Not-so-perfect Ocean Waves

Nothing looks better than beach waves when you’re on holiday — and by beach waves we mean waves which haven’t been created using a hairdryer or curling tongs. So, if you’re starting from scratch all you need to do is towel dry your hair until it’s damp, and then if your hair  knots easily use your fingers or a wide comb to untangle it. Next, tilt your head forward so your hair is hanging in front of you and begin spraying sea salt spray from root to tip until you have covered each section. You now need to scrunch in an upwards motion before finally leaving your hair to dry naturally, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem when you have the sun at your feet.

You’ve mastered all the hairstyles but there’s one problem, you still haven’t booked that much-needed beach holiday.