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Planning A Maldives Getaway? Here are 5 Handy Hints

Thinking of jetting off to one of the most beautiful places on Earth? Then you came to the right place. Not only are the Maldives deliciously luxurious, they’re practically the definition of a stunning holiday. We’ve come up with five tips that guarantee a stress-free holiday to one of these secluded, deluxe islands.

No Shoes No News!

One of the Maldives finest motto’s, ‘no shoes no news’ applies on almost every sand encrusted Maldivian retreat and means exactly what it says on the tin. Don’t expect your morning paper or to hear a peep of current events while away, instead, lay back, relax and enjoy life without any of its worries! As for the shoes….imagine walking on soft, powder-like sands in your 6″ stilettos….I think not! Not only will you sink in the sand and have trouble keeping your balance but you’ll look foolish in front of your fellow guests who are coolly and casually walking around barefoot! Instead, take one or two pairs of flip-flops….just in case you don’t enjoy that sand-in between-your-toes feeling.

Tip Tip Tip!

No matter what, the service you’ll receive in the Maldives will be second-to-none, whether you’re a big tipper or not. However, it is worth considering your thoughtful waiters, bar staff and room boys and all the hard-work and effort they put in to ensure your holiday is a happy one, before you leave. Wages are low in the Maldives and many workers leave their families at home while they work day-in-day-out to send a living home….a small tip from you will go a long way for them.

Cover Up!

Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, you’ll be leaving your dream island with quite prominent white-bits! It is illegal to sunbathe topless in the Maldives – women only – and extreme measures will be taken if this law is found to be broken.

The Maldivian residents are predominantly Muslim so you should respect their feelings as well as their laws while residing in their country. On the plus side, your white bits will help your brown bits stand out really well and will go you something to compare it to!

Booze Busters!

I’m sure you’ll agree that one of the best ways to start any holiday off is with a spending spree in the fabulous airport duty-free! Cheap booze, cigarettes and perfume…..sounds like heaven! However, if you’re thinking of getting a couple of bottles of spirits in, maybe for your room, think again.

Taking alcohol into or out of the Maldives is illegal and as your bags will be searched on arrival, there’s no getting around this one! Your alcohol will be confiscated and you’ll be left high and dry. Not to worry, if you’re staying on an all-inclusive board basis, there’ll be enough alcohol on the island to keep you going all day and night!

Pack Your Smalls!

If you’re mode of transfer is via sea-plane, when arriving onto your dream island you’ll be checked-in, shown to your room and your cases will follow, sometimes hours later as they don’t always fit on the plane and instead are transported via speed-boat. It is therefore wise to pack some essentials in your hand luggage so you’re not wasting a second of your trip!

Ideally a small bottle of sun tan lotion, swimwear, a pair of shorts and a vest, that way you’ll be cool and refreshed while others from your flight will be sweating in stale-smelling jeans and t-shirts!