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Mine’s a cocktail, what’s yours?

Thanks to our fashionable culture, cocktails are becoming more popular. There is a surge of cocktails sweeping across the country. It’s kind of cool to think that the drink you have ordered may have been your Grandma’s favourite drink.

Have you ever wondered where these cocktails come from? Well here at HolidayHypermarket we thought we would investigate this.

Here are the drinks we stumbled upon.


This drink originated from #Cuba and it was supposedly invented by an American mining engineer, named Jennings Cox. The most used alcohol in this drink is rum and this can be served with or without ice. (Personally I like my Daiquiris frozen)

Another drink that #Cuba gave birth to! Ernest Hemmingway the famous writer, who lived in #Cuba, helped make this drink. This drink has now become one of the more fashionable cocktails, thanks to many celebrities spotted with one!

The margarita is so popular that it’s almost become a cliché. This Mexican cocktail consisting of tequila and an orange flavoured liqueur and either lemon or lime juice, can be served shaken with ice, frozen or straight up. Getting this cocktail right makes a massive difference in the taste and quality.

Jamaican Rum

Although this is not a cocktail itself, it is used in many cocktails around the world! From the laidback island of #Jamaica, the production of this rum goes as far back as 1655. There are lots of rum cocktails available in the Caribbean, the ‘planters punch’ is the islands most popular cocktail.

This special drink is from the tropical gem #Dominican Republic. Again this is not a cocktail but more of a spirit, however this can be used to make a bloody Juana. It’s a brew of twigs and bark and herbs, with rum and red wine and honey. We found that some people like it; others hate it (a bit like marmite) the reason why this drink is so special as it’s been known to help digestion, curing illness and stimulating circulation!

Ginger Beer
This interesting drink can be found in Rihanna’s homeland. This ginger beer with a twist is a very unusual drink. It’s made with ground ginger that leaves a burning sensation when going down the throat, however it also has the ability to refresh your palate at the same time! Not too sure if we would like to give this a go.