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Live Interpreter Takes the Sting out of Misunderstanding

If you’re worried about not being able to speak the language while on holiday abroad, there’s a company that can come to the rescue so you aren’t lost in translation.

Live Interpreter is a company that offers pre-paid cards which give the holder access to their interpretation telephone services. This means that you can call any time and have a translator help you through a difficult situation that requires expert linguistic assistance to break the language barrier.

Given that the pre-paid cards are available from £20 and up, it’s not really the sort of thing you should use for everyday situations like grocery shopping or striking up a conversation in a bar. Live Interpreter is more suited to sorting out tricky situations or even emergencies by allowing easy communication.

Lee Mears, the creator of the service, said the service is extremely useful for students who are about to take a gap year holidays, since it provides peace of mind for parents and the young adventurers alike.

He said: “We all hope that trips abroad will go smoothly but the reality is that should you need medical treatment, get lost or run into trouble with the local police, it can often be extremely difficult to communicate and adds a lot more pressure to an already stressful situation.”

“By carrying an Interpreter Live card, the language barrier can be overcome and most problems can be solved quickly and effectively.”

Designed with convenience in mind, Live Interpreter customers can buy prepaid cards which are valid for up to 12 months after purchase. Alternatively, they can create an online account which gives them the option of topping up whenever they have access to the internet. This can also be very useful as parents or loved ones back home could also top it up in an emergency.