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Know which sunglasses you MUST avoid for your face shape

Buying a pair of sunglasses can be just as stressful as picking the perfect pair of shoes. With so many shapes, colours and sizes to choose from how will you know which sunglasses style will suit you?

Let me guess, you’re sick of fashion experts telling you to avoid circular shades if you have a rounded face and rectangle frames if you have a square face. Yes, this is all great advice, but what glasses can you wear?

Thankfully, Holiday Hypermarket has come to your rescue by identifying 6 face shapes plus the sunglasses to suit. So choose your shades wisely as we don’t want you committing any poolside fashion faux pas.

  1. Oval

A typically oval face is often one and a half times the width and has both even and arched features. With fairly balanced characteristics you’re likely to have high cheekbones and a forehead that’s wider than your jawline.

Your sunglasses style is… Hooray you have one of the most versatile face shapes, so most sunglasses will suit you. Still need some glasses guidance? We think these wide rectangle frames will look super-chic on your face type.

Avoid – There aren’t any styles you need to avoid, so you have permission to choose your own sunglasses style. Will it be the feminine cat-eye shape, a pair of trend-tastic rounded shades, or the ultra-modern aviator?

Need some inspiration? Actress Jessica Alba shares your face shape.

  1. Square

The square face is characterised by its equal length and width. Your forehead is naturally wider and your jawline is often strong.

Your sunglasses style is… Opt for the widely-worn aviator. This style will look amazing on you as it will give off the appearance of delicate features which, let’s face it, we all want.

Avoid – Leave square shaped frames on the shelf because they won’t work for you. Yes, that’s right, these sunglasses will place emphasis on your strong jawline.

Need some inspiration? Actress Angelina Jolie shares your face shape.

  1. Long

The long face has an equal jawline and forehead, and like the oval face is slightly longer than it is wide.

Your sunglasses style is… We can’t seem to get enough of rounded larger frames this summer, and the good news is you can wear them till they go out of fashion because this is the shape for you. Do you hate your face shape? Well, you shouldn’t because this fuller frame will work miracles on you. The style will break up the distance between your forehead and chin, making your face appear somewhat smaller.

Avoid – Stay clear of small narrow frames because they tend to draw attention to the length of your face.

Need some inspiration? Actress Sarah Jessica Parker shares your face shape. 

  1. Round

This face type has noticeable curves with an equal length and width. Your facial features are often softer and your cheeks are generally plumper.

Your sunglasses style is… Shades like the rectangle shaped Ray Ban are your perfect pick. This cutting-edge style will flatter your curved features, giving you the confidence to embrace your rounded face.

Avoid – Keep well away from circle shaped sunnies because the style won’t do you any favours, and will simply draw attention to your rounded outline.

Need some inspiration? Actress Cameron Diaz shares your face shape. 

  1. Heart

A small chin and jawline are typical characteristics of a heart-shaped face. Often described as triangular, your face is broader at the temple and slimmer at the chin.

Your sunglasses style is… Yes, you have landed one of the hottest frames to hit the high street, the cat-eye. This retro eye-wear exudes sophistication with its angular frame, which will compliment your face shape perfectly.

Avoid – Rectangle and square frames are a no-go as they will make your face appear off balance. And I don’t think any of us want to look like we’ve had a bad case of plastic surgery.

Need some inspiration? Singer Jennifer Lopez shares your face shape.

  1. Diamond

If you have a diamond face your shape is angular. Your cheekbones will be the widest part of your face whereas your jawline and forehead will be narrowest.

Your sunglasses style is… Top heavy sunglasses like a larger aviator or semi-rimless frame are a good choice as they tend to accentuate your cheekbones.

Avoid – Stay clear of rounded styles because they won’t work against a diamond face. In fact, circular frames will conceal those much-admired angular parts of the face.

Need some inspiration? Singer Madonna shares your face shape.


Now, get ready to rock the right sunnies as you jet off on your last-minute holiday. We hope you’ve been taking notes.