How to tactically get more annual leave in 2020

When the Christmas festivities come to an end and we say hello to another new year, it will be time to start thinking about what’s in store for 2020. By that we mean, thinking about how many holidays we can fit into one year!

In 2020, we’re lucky enough to have the calendar fall into a brilliant way that allows us to get up to a whopping 60 days off including weekends, all while using just 28 annual leave days! Sound good? Here’s how you can strategically book your annual leave to get as much time out of the office as possible…

A winter escape at Christmas

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Have you had enough of the festive hosting duties? Forget hunting for the emergency chairs and peeling a bucket load of spuds and jet off on a Christmas holiday instead. Thanks to the way the bank holidays conveniently fall on the calendar this year, it means you can book just seven days of annual leave over the festive period and end up with a total of 14 days off! That’s two whole weeks of pure relaxation. Which would you rather feel — the heat in the kitchen or the heat on the beach? We know which one we’d prefer!

Book your annual leave for – 23rd December 2019 – 5th January 2020.

An Easter getaway

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Good news! Easter falls on Sunday 12th April in 2020, meaning we can cash in on two bank holidays either side of the weekend. So by booking just five working days off you can actually end up with an 11-day break. That’s the perfect length of time for a sunny escape in one of our egg-cellent Easter holiday destinations. Read our blog here to find out our top picks!

Book your annual leave for – Book off 9th April – 19th April 2020.

May half-term holiday

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There’s no need to wait until the summer season for some heat. You can get an entire 18 days’ worth of Vitamin D in May using just 10 days of annual leave! As Europe’s temperatures start to creep up to the 20⁰C mark, you’ve got your pick of several short-haul hops. Or since you’ve got so much time off on your hands, you could venture further afield. We’re talking the likes of Mexico or Mauritius where you can spend over two weeks soaking up 30⁰C sunshine.

Book your annual leave for – 8th May – 25th May 2020.

An August / September scorcher

Stretch your summer out a little longer with a nine-day getaway in August through to September, all while using just four days’ annual leave! If the British ‘summer’ didn’t quite deliver the temperatures that you were hoping for, we know just the right places that will. Starting with 30⁰C in the balmy Dominican Republic. Of course there’s the option to top up your tan somewhere a little closer too, like Costa del Sol or Rhodes. As the high season comes to an end, the crowds start to thin out meaning you can enjoy an all-round more relaxed atmosphere.

Book your annual leave for – 29th August – 6th September 2020.

A study by YouGov earlier this year found that nearly half of Brits don’t take their full annual leave allowance each year. The main reasons include the fact that they’re simply too busy, they don’t plan in advance and that there sometimes just aren’t any suitable days to take off. While we take our hats off to their hard work and dedication, we think everyone deserves a break. In fact, taking some time out to go on holiday can be really good for you, we explain all in this blog > Why holidays are so good for you.

What are you waiting for?! Get those requests in and make the most of your annual leave in 2020!

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