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Get off to a flying start with the airport beauty lounge

The lead up to your holiday can be a stressful couple of months when your hectic schedule doesn’t leave much time for that last-minute preparation. As you ponder over your packing list you start to think “have I forgotten something,” while you recite, “toiletries check, travel documents check, currency check, passport check.” Yes, it’s all there, but there’s one thing you seem to have forgotten, and that’s your beauty regime!

Your nails are half-painted, your legs have suddenly sprouted dozens of hairs and your eyebrows seem to be slowly taking over your face, so what are you going to do? Fortunately, if you’re flying from Edinburgh or Newcastle airport this can all be taken care off with their very own airport beauty lounge, Aerospa.

Before you board beauty treatments

The spa is perfectly placed inside each departure lounge, so holidaymakers can receive that final beauty dose before boarding the plane.

But these therapies aren’t just for women. That’s right, the spa also has a number of treatments for men so all you high maintenance males get ready to take advantage too.

Offering a range of beauty treatments including massages, tinting, manicures and pedicures, you’ll find yourself praying for a delay. And the prices are fantastic, with a manicure starting from just £15 and a massage from £10.

Are you bored of circling the duty-free aisles? Do you want to escape the airport chaos for a while? Then unwind before your flight with a luxury Jessica pedicure and hit the beach with fine-looking feet or try an eyelash tint, perfect for those no makeup poolside poses.

Jetting-off to mark a special occasion? Then the spa offers five one-off packages, so whether you’re getting married, toasting an anniversary or celebrating a birthday, there’s a package to suit.

Appointments can be made on the day of your departure or you can pre-book beforehand to avoid any disappointment.

Let’s face it, no one wants to turn up to the hotel pool feeling like everyone is staring at your out-of- control eyebrows or hair-filled legs.

For a limited time only Aerospa is offering all Holiday Hypermarket customers departing from Newcastle airport a 30 minute manicure usually priced at £30 for just £15!

The promotion is valid through the month of November and customers will need to pre-book to ensure availability on the day.

Aerospa Information –

Pre-book at

Opening hours 5am-7pm every day

Newcastle – 07880967701

Edinburgh – 07786620800

For further information visit