Five amazing natural swimming pools

There are so many amazing holiday resorts out there nowadays, many with spectacular swimming pools. But no matter how ingenious and creative the human race is, Mother Nature will invariably trump us by providing something truly spectacular. Here are five amazing natural swimming pools from around the world that would give any infinity pool a run for its money.

Kuang Si Falls, Laos


For a cooling dip in paradise, the Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang, Laos, are perfect. A three-tiered waterfall creates wonderful natural pools that you are welcome to swim in (though one is off limit as it’s a sacred site). The locals do charge a nominal fee for entry but this does go to the upkeep of the area and there are even small wooden huts for you to get changed in. Due to the number of trees around the falls, the water is cold but that’s very welcome on a sweltering hot Southeast Asian day!

Il Kil, Mexico


Mexico is well known for its cenotes, which are natural pits created by collapsing limestone. Il Kil is one of the finest examples and the stone staircase down to it makes it a wonderfully atmospheric swimming pool. Located in the Il Kil Archaeological Park in the south east of the country, it is open to the sky, with vines hanging down allowing those all-important Tarzan impressions on your holiday adventure to Mexico.

Grotta della Poesia


Situated on the Adriatic coast of Italy, the Grotta della Poesia or “Cave of Poetry” was once the bathing hole of choice for many a muse, or so legend has it. This beautiful lagoon is situated at Roca Vecchia, around 15 miles from the city of Lecce, is very popular with Italians but it’s well worth seeking out if you’re on your holidays in Italy and want to relax in a stunning setting.

Dudu Blue Lagoon


Dudu Blue Lagoon is a 100-foot deep freshwater pool near Cabrera on the north coast of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Not unlike a Mexican cenote, here you can swim, swing on vines and also go diving to explore some of the underwater caves.

Sliding Rock, North Carolina


We all love a good waterpark on holiday – the more flumes, the better. But in Brevard, North Carolina, nature has provided its very own for free (well, nearly free – during high season, the Forest Service charges a dollar entry but you can slide as much as you want). The smooth rock slide ends with a drop into an invigorating seven-foot deep pool before you join the end of the line for yet another go.

If you’ve seen or swam in an amazing natural pool somewhere, let us know! Always remember that water can be dangerous so never take unnecessary risks or dive into pools you are unfamiliar with. All the ones we’ve highlighted are popular locations and safe to swim in, with some even providing lifeguard cover just in case.

Happy swimming!