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Feel flawless at 35,000 feet with these 7 beauty tips

Travelling on a long-haul flight can be an exhausting, lengthy process, and looking good can prove almost impossible. Most of us start the journey looking refreshed and radiant, but once airborne our skin dries out, our eyes appear puffy and our hair looks limp. Well, unless you’re a celebrity, who, despite their jet-setter lifestyles, always seem to leave the airport looking like they’ve walked straight off a magazine shoot. So what’s their secret?

Get ready to find out as Holiday Hypermarket lists their 7 trusty beauty tips to keep you looking travel-tastic on your next long-haul jaunt.

  1. Moisturising is a must

We all know aeroplanes and beauty aren’t the best combination as the dry cabin air can take its toll on our skin. So if you’re worried about dry patches mid-flight apply plenty of moisturiser the night before to keep your body fully hydrated. And drinking water is also essential, and a great substitute when you don’t have those much-loved beauty products.

  1. No sleep sunnies

Going to sleep on a flight is hard work, especially if you’ve drawn the short straw and landed the aisle seat. So if you can’t fight signs of ‘I’ve been awake for 24 hours’ then make sure you have a pair of over-sized sunnies on hand. Your sunglasses are the only accessory you’ll need as they’ll instantly hide those red, jet lag eyes.

  1. Take your locks from drab to fab

Most beauty-obsessed travellers know that forgetting their dry shampoo is nearly as devastating as forgetting their currency. As the perfect quick-fix there’s no better way to freshen up and lift that flat plane hair. We recommend Oscar Blandi’s travel-size dry shampoo. This non-aerosol spray is the only on-board beauty product you’ll need while travelling.

  1. Lift-off lips

Nothing looks worse than cracked, dry lips. That’s why a lip balm is your long-haul beauty savior. Try Nivea’s Lip Essential Care and give your lips an instant healthy-looking sheen. Now, perfect that pout and get ready to take that all-important plane ‘selfie’.

  1. Foundation-free face

As frightening as it may sound, flying without makeup will do your skin the world of good and, let’s face it, hours in the same foundation never looks good. But if you’re makeup mad and can’t bear the thought of boarding a plane without your everyday cover-up then swap your foundation for a tinted moisturiser and a hint of blusher. This will be less harsh on the skin and prevent any unwanted breakouts.

  1. Carry-on comb

Our hair seems to have a mind of its own once were 35,000 feet in the air, that’s why a travel comb is the best way to combat this problem. We recommend the hand-sized Tangle Teezer, available tax-free in the airport. This tool tackles any hair issues, big or small, leaving your hair feeling silky smooth after just one brush. And even better, this beauty necessity guarantees a hair-happy holiday. Yes that’s right, the comb is great for detangling wiry beach hair.

  1. In-flight body wipes

Wipes are a must on a flight and are a great way of cleansing and refreshing your skin. Try using Superdrug’s Four in one facial wipes, before and after any sleeping to make sure your skin is getting the hydration it requires. You may want to follow this up with a facial spritz as this will revive your skin, leaving you looking fresh and ready to go barefaced at the hotel pool.