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The Best Breakfast Spots in Benidorm

You’ve got tonnes to do during your stay in Benidorm, so staying energised is key – and even if that wasn’t the case, who could turn down a tasty breakfast? The influence of British holidaymakers on the resort has made the classic full-on fry-up the breakfast of choice to countless tourists, but it’s just the beginning of what you can expect here. Take a look at some of our favourite breakfast spots in Benidorm.


Locals and visitors alike adore this cheap yet high quality 24-hour diner. At night you can visit for chicken, chips or salads, and come daytime you’ll find generously portioned breakfasts which cater to both Spanish and British tastes.

Always busy but always friendly, Mariano’s has a solid reputation – and with its open-plan kitchen you can see the food being prepared before your eyes. It’s always good to watch the care and quality being put into your meal, and a savvy traveller knows  any tourist trap that also attracts local customers is bound to be serving some of the best food Benidorm has to offer.

Danny’s Bar

Danny’s Bar is growing more and more popular with holidaymakers who are looking for a taste of home with modern comforts. Wide, warm and spacious, the staff have a smile for everyone and the food is regarded to be among the most delicious in Benidorm. And, of course, they serve the all-important fry-up.

With Wi-Fi access and a big screen to watch the sports, Danny’s Bar is a fantastic place to unwind after your adventures, or to fill your belly before hitting the beach.

Milord’s Express

For a touch of the continental, you’ll adore the food on offer at Milord’s Express. Great coffee and a fine breakfasts are a given, but one item on the menu keeps customers coming back time and again – the cakes and pastries.

A big booth full of goodies greets you as you approach the bar, with shelves laden with croissants, sweet treats and savouries. If you’re travelling with kids, expect them to go nuts for the temptations on display. Breakfast portions are generous, and the outdoor seating lets you enjoy sun and sea breezes over coffee and conversation.

Grannies Teahouse

Quintessential English ‘olde worlde’ charm is the theme behind this adorable little cafe, secreted from the crowds in Benidorm’s Old Town district.

Homemade cream cakes and pastries are often found on diners’ plates, but the breakfasts are pretty popular too – and include a pot of tea for you and your fellow guests. Benidorm’s lively atmosphere makes places like Grannies Teahouse perfect for unwinding away from the hubbub, and you can take your ease over toast and teacakes before heading out for your day’s activities.


A quirky little place with two terraces and a breakfast menu with options to suit every appetite, Casper’s is a firm favourite among visitors to Benidorm. From beans on toast to the truly epic Supersize Breakfast, Casper’s also offers vegetarian options and a fantastic selection of worldwide foods if you’re coming back for lunch or dinner.

There’s also a range of meal deals available to make sure you don’t go over your budget but still hit the seafront with a full stomach.


Famous for its hospitality, with big welcomes and even bigger meal portions, Castaways is open around the clock.

However, you’ll find that your fellow holidaymakers are making their way to this bar restaurant especially early, just for the breakfast. All the British and continental greats are on offer, and after breakfast you can sample some tapas over a cool beer or a hot coffee. The atmosphere makes this a great place to make friends with your fellow travellers, and the owners give a personal touch to everything they do.