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8 Mexican Recipes You Must Try

You might think you know everything about Mexican food from your trip to a local high street restaurant, but it’s only when you visit Mexico itself that you realise how diverse its food really is. From its use of a dizzy array of chillies to the delights of rompope – a kind of creamy Mexican eggnog with the addition of almonds and rum – Mexican food is delicious and it sure knows how to pack a punch.

Guacomole is gorgeous

This fantastic green dip dates back to the time of the Aztecs. It’s both delicious and easy to make and is popular across the world as well as in Mexico. Ripe avocados, jalapeno peppers, coriander leaves, garlic and a lime or two are all that you need, the number of peppers depends on your taste buds. Literally whizz all the ingredients together and you’ll have a fantastic dip. There are variations, some dice up some fresh tomatoes and add these to the mix – it’s really up to you.

Roasted peppers, full of spicy wonder

Roast a poblano pepper – the mild green ones found in most UK veg shops – before stuffing with cheese and a selection of vegetables. Then coat in a flour and egg mixture and deep-fry. This is delicious when served with salsa.

Breakfast with a difference

If you’re staying in Playacar, you’re going to encounter some unusual varieties of breakfast, most of which are far removed from a traditional full English. In this part of Mexico they greet the day with Molletes – a Mexican type of baguette cut in half and filled with refried beans, smothered in local cheese and then grilled.

Beef on the go

For a celebration of Mexico which manages to combine guacamole, salsa and steak in a single divine serving, this easy recipe for Mexican steak buritto is surely a fantastic way of savouring all these fantastic tastes.

Boozy bananas

Place some peeled bananas in a hot frying pan and then pour in a healthy glug of rompope. Allow the pan to simmer, and that’s all. You’ll have a deliciously sweet pudding at hardly any cost or effort.

Good to go with tamales

Tamales are the ultimate in take-away food, instead of a burger in a bun you’ll be creating tasty dough balls with a filling of spicy pork and chillies and then this is mixed together and placed in a softened corn husk that acts as a container for the mixture. You can always make a whole batch and then freeze for whenever you want these lovely morsels of tastiness.

Salsa accompanies everything, nearly

The easiest way to prepare a salsa is to make a list of all the ingredients that you need, and be prepared to chop before mixing together. As there are so many variations on this particular theme, work out which ingredients will work the best as an accompaniment with your particular dish. Cilantro is included in many Mexican recipes, but you can replace this with fresh coriander.

For a basic tomato salsa, chop two beef tomatoes and combine with a diced red onion, as many jalapeno as your palate can bear, diced garlic gloves, a squeeze of lime juice as well as some black pepper and a pinch of cumin. Mix the ingredients together and then chill before serving with tortilla chips or as an accompaniment to a main meal.

Prawns and black beans are cool

It’s got to be tortillas for the ultimate in awesome snacks, and these little parcels of deliciousness are excellent. Jamie Oliver has one of the clearest recipes around for this treat, and you won’t have to hop on a plane to Mexico to get the ingredients, just make a trip to the supermarket.

Share some of your best Mexican recipes with us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.