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6 things you should NEVER wear in an Airport

Dressing airport appropriate can be tricky, agreed? But this doesn’t mean that you can’t look fashionable. So many of us rock up to the airport looking like we have walked off a catwalk sporting a pair of killer heels and masses of jewellery, only to find ourselves regretting our decision as we set off every alarm at the security checkpoints. To avoid this, Holiday Hypermarket has listed six things that you should never wear to an airport, so take note!

  1. Claustrophobic Clothing

If you’re going to wear fitted clothing to an airport, think twice. Yes you have curves to die for, but the plane’s cramped cabin doesn’t offer much room. In this instance, wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes will only add to the problem, making your journey an extremely unpleasant one.

  1. Sky-high Heels

Firstly, high heels are not suitable for air travel. I know this is easier said than done, especially if you’re short and can’t leave the house without your trusty pair of six-inch heels. But take our word for it because it’s never worth the discomfort. The airports slippery surface and lengthy queues will take its toll on your feet. Besides, no one wants to lose their balance and take an airport tumble like we saw from pop princess Lady Gaga back in 2010 or worse have to ditch those designer heels in an emergency.

  1. Excess Jewellery

Too much jewellery can be more hassle than its worth at an airport. With TSA’s strict airline rules it won’t be long before you’re asked remove them, so what’s the point? But if you have more bracelets than you can fit on one arm and your hands feel naked without your much-loved rings, then a carry-on jewellery bag is a must. This way you can put on your favourite pieces when you’ve landed.

  1. Airline Inappropriate Attire

Planes are not the place for skimpy outfits. Forget the mini skirt and super short dress because no one wants to witness a wardrobe malfunction when you lift up to grab your bag from the overhead locker.  And don’t forget to check the weather as a short dress on a windy day could turn into a not-so-glamorous Marilyn Monroe moment.

  1. Emergency-exit-blocking bag

If you’re a regular Vogue reader then you’ll know that statement bags are all the rage. However, this is not the case on a flight as they can be extremely awkward, especially after several failed attempts at placing your too-big-for-one-person bag in the overhead locker and coming to the realisation that it’s not going to fit. Next time opt for a stylish yet practical bag. This way you won’t have to squeeze your way along the plane’s confined aisle.

  1. Indoor-only Onesie

Every fashion rule seems to go out of the window when boarding a flight. We understand that passengers want to be comfortable while 35,000 feet in the air, but this doesn’t mean that night wear is acceptable! Save your onesie for sleeping in and opt for something casual and comfortable that doesn’t make you look like you have just rolled out of bed.

So, why not work the airport runway this year and take a look at some of our last minute holidays?