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5 ways to save on your self-catering holiday

With so many mouth-watering restaurants available we find it hard to stand and cook for ourselves after all, we are on holiday. I can hold my hands up and say I’ve done it, I book this fabulous deal and say I’m going to spend X amount a day, 2 days later I find I have spent most of my spending money!

Self-catering holidays can be a lot of fun. Here at HolidayHypermarket we want to try and save you some money with these handy tips.

When you arrive at your apartment:

Set yourself a daily budget. This will allow you to decide on the things you need and don’t.

Shop locally. By shopping in a local supermarket you can save £££’s. Stock up on sandwich fillers such as cheese or ham, this way you can make your own sandwiches and have picnics on the beach.

Take your own food. I find this tip great as you can pack many dried pasta products that can make a quick meal or snack. This can be a handy meal for the first night if you have a late flight.

Haggle. Why not make haggling your favourite pastime whilst out shopping for souvenirs. Don’t make it well known that you really want the item, play it down, keep your cool! If the shop keeper doesn’t want to sell then calmly walk away, you may find they change their mind and you will get your souvenir at that bargain price!

Alcohol. If you’re heading out for the evening take advantage of the local bars ‘Happy Hour’. You usually find its buy one get one free so it’s a great way to save on that cash.

Follow these tips and you might save on your next self-catering holiday!