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5 Facts About Slovenia’s Natural World

Be it on dry land, in the water or the mysteries of the world below, Slovenia is a country that has more than a few ways to wow holidaymakers. Take a look through some of our favourite fast facts before you jet out to savour the sights for yourself, and see how the natural world of Slovenia is truly unlike anywhere else.

1. Vines from another time

Now you know how fond of wine Slovenia is, dig a little deeper into its legacy. The drink has been a huge part of life in the country since the age of the Roman Empire, yet even today there are hallmarks of days gone by that continue to live on.

In the town of Maribor, a vine remains that has been in place for over 400 years, making it the oldest in the world. Having witnessed some of the most important moments in European history has done nothing to spoil the flavour of the fruits it produces though, which continue to be used in wine-making today.

2. Going deeper underground

Slovenia’s stunning scenery is a rich tapestry of rolling green fields, pale snowcapped mountains and lakes like liquid crystal. Yet even below the surface, it’s a realm of wonders begging to be explored.

A network of around 10,000 caves slink their way beneath the Slovenian landscape, and more than a few of them are tourist hotspots that you can explore to your heart’s content. In fact, they even hold the awards ceremony for an international literary festival in one of these caves.

3. In love with Mother Nature

You might already know that little countries like Costa Rica can mix a small surface area with a massive amount of biodiversity. Slovenia is Europe’s answer to that South American nation of natural wonders though, since around 1% of all of Earth’s biodiversity can be found in this tiny country. That includes the Etruscan Shrew, the lightest mammal on the planet.

4. Let’s get wet

Don’t be afraid to take a dip during your time in Slovenia. The coastline itself is scenic and framed by dramatic white cliffs that look stunning from every angle, yet the rivers and lakes are what has really captivated holidaymakers’ attention.

There are around 27,000 kilometres of streams and rivers to enjoy across the country, while Lake Cernicka is an intermittent lake, meaning that it sometimes vanishes entirely depending on the season. You can expect that boating trips and more adventurous rafting tours are available, or you can walk the riverbanks on the well-tended nature trails for a more serene sojourn.

5. Woodland every which way

Half of Slovenia’s entire span is covered by rich forests, which are often home to big fuzzy brown bears. As with any part of Slovenia though, there are myths and legends in abundance.

For example, one particular tree is said to have been planted by mercenaries from Turkey who passed through the area. They planted the tree as a way to mark the territory where they buried their secret treasure. We can’t say for certain if that’s true or not, but it’s a compelling mystery nonetheless.

However you choose to spend your Slovenian holiday, don’t be shy when exploring. Get talking with the locals about the secrets and mysteries behind some of the most sublime of Slovenia’s sights, and you could come away with plenty of tales to tell to your loved ones back home.

Can’t wait to start your Slovenian adventure, book your holiday today!

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