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5 destinations where you can bag a fashion bargain

We all love to go shopping on holiday, right? There is nothing better than discovering hidden gems or bargain hunting in an unfamiliar place. So, if you fancy a summer shopping spree this year, Holiday Hypermarket have put together a list highlighting the top 5 destinations to grab a gorgeous garment at an affordable price.

Market mad Marrakech

Wander through the enchanted narrow streets of the souks where you will come across the famous market stalls. Marvel at the jewelled sandals and embellished Kaftans while you watch snake charmers, sample rare spices and discover distinctive  street art.

Can’t put down that handcrafted bag? Digging deep into your purse to secure those silk slippers? Then get your haggling head on because bartering is expected in Marrakech.

This wallet-worthy city mixes Moroccan and western styles, so your bargains will be worth every penny. Throw on these leading-edge staples and be the envy of all your friends back home.

Boutiques are also popular in this magnificent city, Karim Tassi is a must-visit if you are looking for a traditional Moroccan piece. Silk shawls are a great pick, and work well as cover-ups for visitors who want to stick to the Muslim dress-code.

Why Paris is always a good idea

Recently the host of fashion week and home of Haute-couture – high fashion, Europe’s fashion capital is often associated with high-end designer boutiques from Chanel to Hermès and Yves Saint Laurent. But, we beg to differ as Paris also has range of stores tailored to the cash conscious shopper.

Do you fancy a summer shopping spree? Are Paris’s high-end prices out of your budget? Well don’t panic, there are plenty of money-saving shops where you can buy cut-rate clothing.

Get lost in the streets of Montmartre where you can find one-of-a-kind vintage shops ideal for the quirky dresser or strut down the Champs-Elysées and try global giants like Naf Naf, Promod, H&M and Zara for trendy, yet affordable clothing.

Looking for something different? Rue du Commerce, just a 10-minute walk from the Eiffel tower, has over 100 fashion boutiques to choose from.

Popular with the locals these one-off boutiques  offer unique yet reasonably priced clothing, so if you want to experience shopping as a Parisian, head down to this stylish street.

Bag a bargain in the Big Apple

Today, Manhattan is one of the most stylish and sought-after areas in the world. With luxury boutiques on every avenue the borough remains a firm favourite among holiday-goers.

Fed up of window shopping your way around the city? Ever envied the showy Sex and the City lifestyle but can’t afford to spend hundreds of pounds on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s?  Well now you don’t have to. Venture downtown where you can find Century 21. The department store is in the Financial District in lower Manhattan and is a high-style heaven for fashion enthusiasts.

Brands include Dolce & Gabbana, famous for their top of the range watches and Levi, celebrated for their generous fitting jeans.

Soho is also great for a cheap and cheerful buy with INA and Ava Maria. These two stores offer designer deals with up to 70% off some of the world’s top notch staples. Is haggling more your style? If so, head down to China Town and be prepared to barter with shop owners for those must-have pair of sunglasses.

Love shopping but hate battling through crowds? Why not escape the hustle and bustle and try an early morning shop to avoid those label loving locals.

Sunshine state shopping

When we imagine Florida we often think of our favourite Disney characters, thrill rides and giant gators. Yet, the sunshine state has much more to offer and its shopping malls and outlets seem to be topping the list of things to do.

Make sure you pack light because there are hundreds of bargains to be had and you won’t want to miss out. Want to experience an all American stateside shop? Well you’re in luck, with malls and outlets on every corner you can shop till you drop.  For shoppers who favour branded clothing Orlando Premium Outlets, Vineland Avenue is a must-visit.

You can find the outlet on International Drive, close to Sea World. Stumble across your much loved designers, from Michael Kors to Polo Ralph and Victoria’s Secret, offering items at a fraction of the original retail price.

Hunt through racks for that designer dress at Saks Fifth Avenue or rummage through rails and bag yourself some luxury lingerie at Victoria’s Secret.

Print Obsessed Phuket

Thailand is a fashionistas paradise. With hand-embroidered clothing, raw silk and high-quality bags, the city has become a hotspot among style gurus.

Phuket town weekend market is where the bargains are. You can expect to see anything from clothing to handbags and makeup at mind-blowing prices. Spot an impressive piece and spice up your wardrobe with a taste of Asian apparel.

Want to escape Thailand’s clammy heat? Well now you can with Central Festival department store. Here you’ll find dozens of boutiques from branded outlets to distinctive privately-owned shops.

Unleash your inner trendsetter this summer and stop by one-off boutiques for jaw-dropping designs that will leave you speechless.

Images licensed under CC BY 2.0

Blick vom Arc de Triomphe by Stephan Mosel