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10 People You Always See at the Beach

We all love the beach. That sandy ribbon between land and sea is usually the first thing to pop into our heads when we think “holiday”. There are of course, all kinds of beaches, from these beautiful scenic beaches in Greece, to the faded glitz and glamour of Brighton Pier, from white sands to rock pools. Whatever the beach though, the chances are you’ll run into these guys…

1. The Master Builder

Some people like going to the beach and filling a bucket with sand, tipping it upside down and putting a paper flag on a cocktail stick in the top (so long as you’re not in Ercela, Italy, where building sandcastles is illegal). If you’re ambitious you might even dig a moat around it.

Then there are people who try to build the Disneyland palace in sand form, with turrets and battlements and teeny tiny windows. For an idea of just how much effort people put into these castles, check out this advice from the architect of the Gherkin. That’s right, the guy who build the massive weird glass skyscraper in London has opinions on sandcastles.

2. The Oncoming Storm

Meanwhile, there are some people who just want to watch the world burn.

3. The Hardcore Swimmer

In Britain we take holidaying seriously. If it’s the summer holidays we will go to the beach, we will eat fish and chips, enjoy ice cream, and we will go swimming in the sea. Regardless of whether or not this is a good idea.

4. The Reluctant Swimmer At the other end of the spectrum are the people who feel like they ought to go swimming, and would love to if it wasn’t the for the fact that sea is full of water and also seaweed and fish and nature and gross things like that.

5. The Survivalist

Some people just grab a towel, a book and some suntan lotion when they head to the beach. For others however, a trip to the beach is a military operation. You need towels, a tent, windbreakers, a beach balls, Frisbees, buckets and spades, barbecue, suntan lotion, three changes of clothes, first aid bag, several inflatables, and enough food to last for a couple of months.

6. The Reader

For some people the beach is a chance to play, swim and explore. For others it’s a chance to do what they would normally do at home, but outside. Yes, the sea is nice and all, but please, just leave me alone with my book.

7. The Beach Olympiad

Then of course, there’s the Beach Olympiad. In their imagination onlookers are watching their statuesque bodies glide through the air in slow motion as they perform ever more devastating athletic feats.

In reality they quickly end up with a face full of sand as their beach ball lands on some unfortunate sunbather.

8. The Sun Worshipper

Meanwhile, the unfortunate sunbather can think of nothing more fun to do with their time off than lying completely motionless on some sand.

9. The Burn Victim

Of course, this can have dire consequences if you don’t take proper precautions. But seriously, who doesn’t know about sun cream in this day and age?

Fortunately, if things do go wrong there are solutions.

10. Seagulls, Always the Seagulls

While not technically people, whatever beach you’re on this small, feathery velociraptors are always on hand to try and ruin it for everyone.