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Are you ready to book that group holiday of a lifetime? Perhaps you’re thinking of heading on an amazing multi-generational holiday and jetting off with the whole family, or maybe you and your friends are geared up for a gorgeous getaway like never before. Using Holiday Hypermarket for Group bookings will ensure that the usually complicated process is eased thanks to our phenomenal one on one service, guiding you through the whole procedure.

Whatever the occasion, our staff are on hand seven days a week to make sure that everyone travelling in your party gets on the same flight, stays in the same hotel and has a great time.

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Who should use group bookings?

If you’re travelling with enough people that you’re dreading the task of getting everyone’s details and payments in order, you should probably use our group bookings service. It’ll make life a lot easier!

Holiday Hypermarket offers package holidays to hundreds of destinations and resorts across the world that are suitable for a number of occasions and our dedicated group travel team will ensure everyone gets there without a hitch.

When to take advantage of our great group bookings service?

Group ski holidays

For a group ski holiday, we offer a number of popular packages to some fantastic European destinations like Italy, France and Switzerland, as well as awesome slopes in USA and Canada. These are all ideal locations for groups of people just learning to ski or for pros eager to hone their skills.

Benefits of a group booking

Group bookings are ideal for the trips with large parties who would have had to otherwise make several individual bookings. You can still pay in separate transactions but thankfully your holiday plans will already be set in stone for you.

This prevents the risk of being charged multiple booking fees, flights or accommodation filling up and it also makes sure that everyone travelling enjoys the same quality package holiday experience.

For example, if you were booking a holiday for your family and your friends’ families to go to the same hotel and beach resort, would everyone book separately and hope that the flight and accommodation doesn’t sell out in this time? Or would you book everyone’s’ travel arrangements on your own before getting the money back that you’re owed at a later date? A group travel booking with Holiday Hypermarket eradicates both of these problems.

What we can do

When you contact Holiday Hypermarket to make a group booking, tell us where you want to go, when you want to go and how many people will be going, and we’ll get the process started straight away.

We’ll ensure that everyone’s booking is made through a single transaction, ensuring that you get everyone on the same flight, on the same transfers and in the same hotel, villa or apartment. It also means that you’ll save money on multiple booking fees you’re likely to incur from booking separately.

When you ring our superb customer service team, we’ll assign you your own individual agent to handle your trip throughout the entirety of the process. Our specialist then acts as a go-between for your bookings making sure that everyone in your party will be staying together throughout your holiday.

We also understand the importance of not only finding the accommodation that will physically fit everyone inside, it also needs to fit your tastes and preferences of what you want your holiday to be, so we’ll do our best to find the right location for the right price.

Flexible payment options

One of the biggest tasks relating to a group booking is gathering everyone’s money together in time to book the desired trip. Group holiday bookings with Holiday Hypermarket remove this obstacle by giving you multiple payment options to loosen the potential strain on your bank account.

Once everything has been selected and you are happy with the travel plans which have been reserved for you and your group, there is no immediate pressure to have all of the money paid at once. Our only stipulation is that the entire fee must be paid 12 weeks before your departure date.

Flexible payments can be paid from different bank accounts meaning that you won’t have to endure the fuss of getting everyone’s money into one person’s possession before making a payment.

Our highly recommended group travel team

Rest assured that our team are fully equipped and experienced enough to guarantee that your trip will be exactly what you need it to be. We have a customer service rating of 97% on Feefo from a sample of over a thousand clients.

Customers return to use our service year after year because we have a track record of getting your plans just right. We have experience with larger group bookings of over 100 people where Holiday Hypermarket travellers have enjoyed an entire hotel to themselves.

Our attentive team are always curious on how to improve your holiday experience and we are eager to listen to clients’ first hand feedback once they return from their trips. We make a note of any comments regarding the travel or accommodation organised by Holiday Hypermarket to ensure that our customer’s holiday experiences are the best around.

Group bookings with Holiday Hypermarket

So many people go on holiday to relieve stress but why should you have to wait until you get there? Holiday Hypermarket’s group travel team will help relieve the stress and hassle which comes with organising everyone’s trip all on your own.

Contact our staff by telephone on 0204 578 0977.

Lines open: Monday to Thursday 09:00-21:30, Friday and Saturday 09:00-20:00 and Sunday 09:30-19:30.

You’ll be jetting off with all your favourite people before you know it!