A guide to things to do in St Petersburg

Situated on the west of Tampa Bay and frequently referred to as the Sunshine City as a result of its fantastic climate, St Petersburg is a vibrant destination for holidaymakers. Boasting a spectacular waterfront as well as many cool cultural spots, nightlife destinations and some of the best beaches in Florida, St Petersburg holidays aren’t short of some awesome attractions for everyone.

Cultural attractions

Even if you aren’t an aficionado of surrealist art, try to include St Petersburg’s Dali Museum on your list of places to go. You’ll be amazed before you even walk through the doors, as this $36 million building is a beautiful example of innovative, contemporary architecture. Once inside you can view the largest collection of Dali’s artworks outside of his native Spain, many of which will leave you gazing to take in all the detail and wondering at the workings of Dali’s mind.

Meanwhile, the Museum of Fine Arts in central St Petersburg houses works by most of the 20th-century greats. As well as paintings, the museum also has a splendid sculpture garden and is home to pre-Columbian, Greek and other examples from the ancient world, as well as a fine photographic archive.

Motorheads can while away the hours at the Tampa Bay Automobile museum, just a 15-minute drive from downtown St Petersburg. This is the place to drool over vehicles like the 1929 USA Ruxton, as the museum is home to over 50 models of cars from the 1920s and 1930s.

Daytime fun

Adventurous spirits will love the Treehoppers Aerial Adventure Park, located an hour’s drive away from St Petersburg. This is the place to let rip along a zipline and enjoy the world from a different perspective.

As you’ll be staying by the sea, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about marine life. Taking a trip with St Petersburg Tours you’ll snorkel in the warm water and swim with dolphins on this four-hour excursion.

The beaches are the best

Holidays to St Petersburg are justifiably renowned for their sunbathing opportunities – and just a 25-minute drive away from the town itself lies the fantastic Fort De Soto. This destination manages to include an historic fort and museum, together with a wonderfully long sandy beach.

The fun doesn’t stop here though, as once the kids clock eyes on the pirate ship playground at the entrance to the beach, they’ll be filled with excitement. Watersports are on offer here and the area also boasts ample picnic facilities.

Spa beach and North Shore beach form part of St Petersburg’s municipal beaches and both are easy to access from the town. Look out for signs to St Petersburg Pier and you’ll soon reach Spa beach with its myriad of attractions, including jet-skis and paddleboats for hire.

Bring on the night

As a large city, St Petersburg has plenty of attractions for both the day and night. Whether you’re looking for a tasty snack, a sumptuous cocktail or a high octane nightclub, you’ll definitely be able to spend your nights having fun. The centre of St Petersburg is also easy to navigate so you’ll be able to move from one attraction to another with ease.

You could stretch your wings and chill out in nearby Treasure Island, a 25-minute drive away. Watch the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico from a vantage point in Gator’s Cafe and Saloon, billed as the world’s longest waterfront saloon. This is the best place to catch a sunset, enjoy a meal or simply relish some awesome live entertainment come nightfall.