A guide to nightlife in International Drive

Take advantage of our cheap holidays to International Drive and you’ll find yourself in Orlando’s tourism epicentre. It stays just as lively in these parts after the sun goes down, offering some of the most definitive nightlife anywhere in America. Check out a few of our favourite spots for yourself and you’re sure to see what we mean.

Have a dance-off at The Groove

The name might evoke 1970’s disco flair, but this is actually one of the most sleek and modern nightclubs in Orlando. The Groove comes complete with a sound system tailored to the tunes of the night, and lights that bring the room to life with colour. The drinks menu is known for its variety as much as its flavour and the patrons lean towards the stylish side of the spectrum.

Get stuck in with a singalong at Howl At The Moon

Good old-fashioned piano playing together with the bluegrass sounds of guitar and drums define Howl At The Moon. Here, both the performers and the customers get involved in the songs and dances for a lively night with a contemporary feel. Cool beers and quirky cocktails keep you in high spirits while the music roars.

Take it to the next level at Dave & Buster's

Sometimes you’re torn between going out on the town for a tipple or two, or curling up at home blasting through your favourite console games. Luckily, the ingenious minds at Dave & Buster’s have combined the two to create a bar with a bountiful food menu, together with games machines flanking the walls and digital realms begging to be explored.

Spend the night a world away at Cairo Bar & Hookah Lounge

Named after the capital of mysterious Egypt, this venue is both glamorous and exotic. Refined drinks and the chance to taste the classical hookah pipes give you the chance to unwind in opulent surroundings, although there’s also plenty of opportunity to dance and mingle if the party spirit overcomes you.

Keep it classy at Blue Martini

If your unflappable style means you’re seldom shaken nor stirred, head for Blue Martini. With three distinct yet universally stylish rooms, this venue fits the bill for an evening of glamour and socialising. The drinks here give as much flair as flavour, while your fellow guests are smart young professionals ready to mingle.

Make your break at Backstage Billiards

The walls here are dotted with big plasma TVs, which sets the stage for Orlando’s leading sports bar hotspot. However, for many of us, the appeal beyond the cool drinks and good company are the pool and snooker tables, where you can chalk up and show off your shots.

Feel the music in your bones at B.B. King's Blues Club

Named for the king of blues music, the house band here performs a nightly set of sensational soul, Motown classics and, of course, those definitive blues notes. That’s all backed up by a food and drinks menu that makes your night as enriching for the body as it is for the spirit.

Try some craft beer at David's Club Bar & Grill

Cheeky wines and inventive craft beers have made David’s as famous for its drinks menu as it is for its food. The interior is set out in a way that makes you almost feel like a guest in a quirky home, with big padded seating and a warm, energetic atmosphere.

Drink bright red lager at DRIP

Activity, colour and sound make DRIP one of the most unique bars you’ll ever visit. It’s decorated with industrial chic that takes its cues from old school Americana and cutting edge steampunk, while the beers are brightly coloured and the parties see water and paint splashed about with cheerful abandon.

Let in the good fortune at the Lucky Leprechaun Irish Pub

Rugby on the big screen, a pint of the good stuff in your hand and the traditional folk songs of Celtic ages past make the Lucky Leprechaun more than just another themed bar. Irish owned and run, there’s a genuine spirit to this place that helps to offer a familiar sense of home during International Drive holidays. It’s a brilliant venue for both relaxing evenings and lively nights out.