Beldibi Holidays 2024/2025

A small town halfway between Kemer and Antalya City, Beldibi is a charming place to take in the sights under the sun. You’ll be ideally located to explore the coast as well as the famous Taurus Mountains.

Beldibi Holiday Deals

Explore cities, countryside and coast

Because Turkey is such an immense landscape of sights, sounds, experiences and adventures, most people visualise the bustling cities of Istanbul or Antalya as typical of the country as a whole, but actually you can find peace and quiet on your Turkey holidays too.

That’s one reason why a retreat to the little town of Beldibi is so special, and if you also factor in the great food, beautiful natural environments and nearby seaside, the appeal of this place is plain to see.

A cosy coastal town

Beldibi has everything you need to have an enjoyable stay during cheap Antalya holidays – plenty of shopping, lots to see and do, great places to eat and drink, as well as a wealth of peace and quiet. The town only has one major high street, but it contains everything you need to make the most of your visit – and it means that you’re not going to be pressed against the crowds during your all-important holiday.

Dine like a local

Staying in a town as traditional as Beldibi will give you the chance to eat out at a number of reasonably-priced Turkish restaurants, although there are places to get international meals too, if the mood takes you.

The hotels of the town are well equipped to keep your stomach – and your glass – full. But don’t miss out on the chance to take in some old-fashioned family hospitality at one of the traditional places. Nobody does baklava like the locals.

Take in some history

If you’re well prepared and don’t mind a few bus trips, a stay in Beldibi will give you the chance to turn back time in many of southern Turkey’s most renowned landmarks.

Phaselis is a city from antiquity that now lies in ruins, easily accessible by bus from Beldibi. It’s a similar story for the mountaintop realm of Termessos, where much of what once was a magnificent Lycian city now stands as mysterious ruins. Though its amphitheatre has largely survived the years intact.

Further on from there are caves where evidence of Stone Age human activity has been found, meaning you can walk back through the ages to the very earliest echoes of humankind.

Drive across the Taurus Mountains

There are services for 4×4 rental in Beldibi and several surrounding towns, including Kemer. You’re within touching distance of the magnificent Taurus Mountains, which separate southwest Turkey from the rest of the vast mainland with their jagged peaks and deep valleys.

Taking to the wheel of your rental vehicle, you’ll have the chance to head up and cruise across that rugged landscape for yourself, following old trails of legend and vast open roads. There’s history and fable to be found in those hills, and more photo opportunities than you could shake a selfie stick at.

Getting back to nature

Take a stroll out of Beldibi’s borders and you’re in the lush green landscape of southwest Turkey, sun-kissed by its Mediterranean climate. What that means is you’ve got plenty of opportunities to saddle up and head for the hills. With numerous horse-riding tours on offer – as well as lessons and courses on all things equine – you can literally do just that.

But if horses and hooves aren’t your style, there are walking trails and lush green woods. And, if you’re feeling daring, the nearby sea caves welcome brave explorers.

When to visit

Like most people, you probably think of a summer escape when you think of visiting Turkey, and it makes sense – between May and August, you’ll rarely see temperatures below 30°C. In the middle of July that can even jump up to touch 40°C, so make sure you pack plenty of sun cream. But if you’re looking for a little winter sun, you won’t be left out in the cold either – Beldibi rarely sees anything less than 15°C even in December and January.


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