A guide to things to do in Antalya

It’s no surprise that visitors from all over the world fall in love with Antalya: with its unbelievable beaches, cascading waterfalls, imposing mountain ranges, bustling bazaars and ancient ruins, it’s a region unlike any other. Known as the Turkish Riviera, Antalya has an abundance of activities to try, sights to see, food to eat and places to explore. Plus, you’re sure to find a decadent resort or luxury boutique hotel to stay in, even if you’re on a budget.

Soak up the stunning beaches

Antalya’s coastline runs for 600km along the south of Turkey, so you can expect some seriously beautiful beaches. Made up of part-sand and part-shingle, these beaches lead into clear turquoise waters that are always warm enough to swim in. Head to Side for a stylish marina, super yachts and great restaurants, and walk in the footsteps of Antony and Cleopatra. For magnificent scenery, choose Lara Beach: 8km of sand gives way to spectacular waterfalls. Secluded spots await at Kemer Beach, which is known for its luxury, while Belek Beach is 16km of jaw-dropping coastal sights.

Chase waterfalls and climb mountains

There’s more to Antalya than perfect beaches and glamorous resorts: its mountain ranges and waterfalls are easy to get to. At Olympos National Park, ride a cable car into the mountains to see sand, sea and snow! The Duden Falls are unforgettable: take a boat ride at sea for the best views, or put on your walking boots and trek from Lara Beach. If you do want to hike, there’s lots of options. Going up through Manavgat brings you up to falls in the River Aras, while Mount Chimaera has constant flames coming up through the surface.

Travel back through time

Antalya is a deeply historical region, with thousands of years of history imprinted all over its landscape. From Greek amphitheatres and Roman ruins to Ottoman architecture, you’ll see ruins from varying eras. Side is home to the famous Temple of Apollo, and has more ruins than you can count. Termessos and Perge have huge amphitheatres, Roman baths and colossal structures. Antalya’s Old Town has much to explore: wander the narrow streets and watch the sunset at the harbour. The clock tower – Antalya Saat Kulesi – is a gorgeous stop, while Hadrian’s Gate is one of the city’s most iconic sights.

Explore Karaalioglu Park

If you need a breather from the glamorous, lively towns, head out to Karaalioglu Park. This serene, idyllic place is perfect for relaxing and enjoying some peace and quiet. It’s located right on the coast, so you don’t just have beautiful views over its beautiful greenery – you get some stunning shots over the sea and the beaches, too. Karaalioglu Park is one of Antalya’s hidden secrets, so be sure to spend a few hours basking in the sun, or bring a picnic and explore what the park has to offer.