A guide to nightlife in Alanya

With its large number of bars and clubs, Alanya becomes ‘party central’ in the holiday period, especially along the resort’s main strip around the harbour area. Drinks tend to be cheap here, and if you’re really on a budget, then stick to locally-produced beverages, they’re varied and a lot easier on the wallet. From traditional Irish bars, to cocktail venues and large open-air discos, simply put on your party clothes and get prepared for a hectic night on the tiles in Alanya.

Party with the baby sharks at Summer Garden

Close to the harbour and famed for its parties, this immaculately-designed club, has all the ingredients of a fantastic night out. International DJs play the decks at the outdoor dancefloor and the light and laser shows have to be seen to be believed. They also have an extraordinary aquarium filled with baby sharks. There’s a restaurant attached to Summer Garden, should you feel peckish during your visit.

Four floors at Robin Hood Club

Boasting four floors of hedonistic delights, Robin Hood, which is close to the harbour, is where a lot of the party action takes place in Alanya. With happy hour from 9pm to 11pm, this is the place for a fun-packed evening. If you fancy a change from the music at Robin Hood then go upstairs and enjoy the vibe at the Latino Club, or sample the scene at Hawaii Beach Club – all in the same building.

A taste of Cuba at Havana Club

With its international scene, a fantastic playlist and cocktail menu, an evening at this venue promises a wonderful time. The strong, fruit-filled Havana cocktail is always worth trying. The second floor of the club leads to an open-air rooftop terrace, and with techno, contemporary and dance music always playing, there’s plenty to dance to.

Head bang at The Doors

This Scandinavian dance club gets packed during the course of the evening with lots of revellers enjoying a good time. If you love your rock music turned up loud – then this is the place for you. Drinks are on the pricey side, so it might be best to drink elsewhere first and turn up later.

People watch at Black Horse Bar

This very popular bar is a place for sitting, people-watching and knocking back the pints or cocktails. Don’t be surprised if you notice people dancing actually on the bar or the tables – it’s all part of the fun atmosphere. The prices are moderate and the celebrations continues right on into the night.

Midnight swim at Auditorium Disco

Shuttle buses will take you to Auditorium from the centre of town, where you’ll find a swimming pool for cooling down in during the course of a high octane evening. With constantly changing music genres and entertainment, you’ll never have an opportunity to get bored here.

Cocktails at Sky Lounge Sushi Bar

The top floor of the Red Tower Brewery is where you can find Sky Lounge. This is the place to come if you’re looking for a sophisticated evening, complete with delicious sushi and some exotic drinks. The frozen daiquiris or chilled margaritas will cool you down during the course of an evening.

Party all night at Istanbul Club

This is a party place for party people. Different nights have separate themes and foam parties are very popular at Istanbul. With guest appearances from visiting DJs, the music is always as good as the vibe.

Go wild at Las Vegas Club

Named after the fun capital of the world, an evening at Las Vegas Club promises frivolity, fabulous cocktails and dancing on tables – all the best antics of an evening out in Alanya. If you like your music loud and your entertainment on the raucous side, then you’ll have a wonderful time at Las Vegas.

Relax at Crazy Horse Bar

This upbeat tapas bar also serves some of the best mojitos in Alanya and the food has a strong Mexican and Latin influence. If you’re looking for somewhere to unwind while eating some spectacular food, and enjoying the vibes from the resident DJ, then put on your very best straw hat and head on down to this lively venue.