A guide to food and drink in Djerba

This stunning little island off mainland Tunisia wins plenty of fans thanks to its 13-kilometre beach and proud pottery tradition, yet it’s just as beloved for its food. Take a look at a few of our favourite places to eat and drink ahead of your holidays to Djerba.

Sample the beloved brik of Le Moulin

Brik is a staple of Tunisian cuisine – a pastry wrapped around eggs, cheeses and meat or veg. They do a particularly creamy and delicious brik at Le Moulin in the island’s capital city, Houmt Souk.

With warm and welcoming surroundings, this is Tunisian dining at its best. The coffee here is particularly good, and the dessert menu features crumbly pastries of every kind.

Settle in at Restaurant Savana

From its exotic arches to its fine rustic interior and stonework columns, Restaurant Savana in Midoun makes a brilliant visual impression, and luckily, the dinners you’ll enjoy here back up the decor.

While Tunisian favourites and Djerba’s seafood are well stocked, the menu will also offer you big portions and low prices in lamb kebabs, steak, pasta and even a spot of fish and chips.

Walk off the calories through the backstreets surrounding this intimate venue, or stay late into the night laughing and joking with the locals over cheap yet scrumptious wines.

Grill up a storm at Djerba Nova

Although it’s right in the humdrum of Houmt Souk’s tourism district, Djerba Nova still has plenty of heart, and it’s well worth investigating during your Tunisia holidays.

Tables are cutely clustered in the cosy space, and the menu has elegantly arranged prawn salads competing for your plate with fried chicken and some superb vegetarian options.

Djerba Nova takes its cues from local and Italian dishes alike. What’s more, you’re right by the coast, so you can go and indulge that food coma you’ll inherit from the massive portions with a spot of sunbathing, soothed by the waves against the shore.

Dine like the French at Aicha

Nestled in moonlit Houmt Souk, Aicha glows bright in the night thanks to its sleek and modern design.

Inside, it’s crisp and welcoming, with smiles for all, and although there are a fair number of Italian and Tunisian favourites to be had, it’s French food that really steals the show. That’s especially true of the desserts menu, which heaves with gateaux and crepes alongside gelato and succulent creme brulee, all served with immaculate style as fine as any you’d find in Paris.