Essential information for Djerba

When to go

Djerba is a superb little island that’s a pleasure to visit, all year round. That said, those of you seeking the most sunshine are advised to stick to the months between June and October, when temperatures often soar beyond 30°C.

Seawater is also lovely and warm around that time, although it’s also when you can expect to share the beach with the highest number of fellow holidaymakers.

If seclusion is more your thing, try booking your Tunisia holiday package for December or January, which still get respectable amounts of sunshine and enjoy temperatures of around 15°C as a minimum, often closer to 22°C.

Health and safety

Tunisian tap water is chlorinated and safe to drink, however you may find the taste strong, therefore many people choose to drink bottled water. No specific vaccinations are required for holidays to Djerba, although you should ensure all the British recommended vaccare up to date.

In Tunisia, there’s no provision for free medical attention for foreign nationals. All doctors’ fees, medication and hospitalisation in private clinics have to be paid for on the spot. You should therefore ensure you have adequate funds to cover this while you’re away.

As with any holiday, you should take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover yourself and family on your trip. If you’re planning Tunisia holidays specifically to take part in sports or watersports, including hiking, you should make sure your insurance covers this.

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Passports and visas

British citizens don’t need a visa to enter Tunisia for stays of up to 90 days, but must have a valid passport. Carry your passport with you, as you may need to show it when paying by credit card.

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Connector type: Standard two-pin plug type C and E

Voltage Info: Voltage 230V, frequency 50Hz – same as the UK, so you won’t need a voltage converter)

Emergency information

In case of an emergency dial the following numbers.

Police: 197

Ambulance: 190

Fire brigade: 198

British Consulate

If you’re a victim of crime or affected by a crisis overseas, or if something happens to a relative or partner contact the British Consulate in Tunis on mainland Tunisia.

Address: British Embassy, Rue du Lac Windermere, Les Berges du Lac, Tunis, 1053 Tunisia


Phone (from within Djerba): (071) 108 700

Phone (from the UK): +216 71 108 700


Djerba’s capital city is Houmt Souk, and it’s here that you’ll find the modern Sadok Mokaddem Hospital.

Address: Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Houmt Souk, Djerba

Phone (from within Djerba): (075) 650 146

Phone (from the UK): +216 75 650 146