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Weather in Thailand

Unlike the four seasons experienced in much of the world, Thailand's tropical setting offers only three - the wet season, the dry season and the cool season. And on the southern islands, there are only wet and dry seasons. No matter what time of year you head off on your Thailand holidays, you'll be greeted with heat ranging from warm and pleasant to hot and sweltering. The only differences you'll notice between seasons are a change in humidity and rainfall.

If you're planning on booking one of our package holidays to Thailand, it doesn't matter whether you opt for the green summer months or a warm winter getaway, you're sure to find warm and idyllic settings to unwind in all year round.

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Thailand's dry season lasts from March until May in the north and November until May in the south, followed by the rainy season from June until October. North of Bangkok, November through to February sees the cool season take place, with temperatures dipping from the high 40s down to 20°C. Don't be fooled by the name though, as there are still highs of up to 32°C some days.

No cool season exists in the south, where even in January you can expect temperatures to stay between 27 and 33°C. Humidity across the country is predictably high all year round, with March through to May the steamiest months, when you should to be particularly careful to stay hydrated.