Patong Beach Holidays 2024/2025

Patong Beach holidays are synonymous with brilliant nightlife, extravagant beaches and vibrant shopping centres. Hot, sunny days are packed with activities from sunbathing on the white sands to surfing on machine-generated waves. And when the sun sets, the nightclubs, bars and restaurants come to life.

When it comes to holidays to Phuket, Patong is one of the most popular destinations. Along with its huge stretch of coastline, there’s always something to do and somewhere great to eat. Most famous for its nightlife, Patong is a real haven for party animals, and nearly every attraction in the town is geared towards people looking for a fun holiday.

Patong Beach Holiday Deals

Visit Patong’s stunning beach

No Patong Beach holidays are complete without spending the majority of your time on its sandy shoreline. Even though it’s a busy, popular beach, there’s always somewhere to settle down and relax. You can opt for umbrellas and sun-loungers or enjoy the sun-beds in some of the more luxury waterfront hotels.

If you want a more active day, opt for parasailing, jet-skiing or boat trips – and afterwards, enjoy a massage right on the beach! If you visit between November and April, the water is usually flat and calm, making it perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Patong Beach is lined with a number of restaurants, cafes and bars, where you can taste delicious Thai food while watching the sun sink into the sea.​

Enjoy indoor and outdoor watersports

Holidays to Patong Beach Phuket are a brilliant opportunity to try different watersports. Whether you want to race across the white-tipped waves on a jet-ski or see the entire island from the air while parasailing, you’ll find lots of vendors offering good deals.

You can also try windsurfing, sea kayaking, banana boating, wake-boarding and water-skiing. It’s easy to hire snorkelling equipment too, and the rocks along the north end of the beach are perfect for beginners.

One of the best watersports to try in Patong is set inside – at the Surf House Patong Beach. Here, you can learn how to surf in a safe area, assisted by instructors. A super-wave machine generates the flow, so you can pick up the skills before heading off to hit the real surf.

Experience world-famous nightlife

Holidays to Patong Beach Thailand guarantee some of the best nights out of your life. At the heart of Patong’s nightlife is Bangla Road, where you’ll find everything from beer bars and live music to buzzing nightclubs. Every night, the road is closed to cars and vehicles, and you enter a world of neon lights, thumping bass music and delicious cocktails.

Despite its busyness, the area has a friendly, fun atmosphere and instantly transforms into a festival-like experience. The Illuzion Show & Discotheque is one of the best places to spend the evening – it’s a hugely stylish venue where you can either hit the dance floor or live it up in the VIP section.

Patong’s nightlife is legendary among revellers, and no holiday is complete without a drink on the main strip!

Savour seclusion at Freedom Beach

When you need some peace and quiet, head to the smaller Freedom Beach. You’ll emerge from a thick, green jungle on to its pristine, white sands. This gem of a cove is the perfect antidote to a long night of dancing in the town’s clubs, as there are no noisy jet-skis.

If you’re not into sunbathing, you can enjoy a kick-around using the handy football nets, or try some beach volleyball. Snorkelling is also good on the beach, thanks to clear waters and dense marine life. If you can’t get to the beach by road, there are boat trips that will take you there from Patong Beach.

Sample seafood on the sea shore

There’s no shortage of places to eat in Patong, whether you want authentic Thai food or international dishes. Beach Road has everything from beach-front shacks to fast food, while Jungceylon has a smattering of gourmet restaurants, as well as more budget options.

Real foodies will love the choice in Patong: there are some talented chefs in the town, all serving up delicious food. For romantic meals, the fine-dining restaurant of La Gritta is the place to go. It specialises in gourmet Italian cuisine, and you can eat under the stars, serenaded by the sound of the waves against the shore.

For views as good as the food, eat at Pan Yaah. Traditional dishes and fresh Thai seafood are on the menu, and situated on the granite rocks, you watch see the surf crashing below – it’s the stuff of dreams!​

Shop ‘til your heart’s content

If you love to shop, you’ll love Patong. You can choose from fresh food markets, night markets and shopping centres – though it’s worth experiencing all three. Haggling is part of the experience, so get ready to negotiate for your goods!

The biggest shopping mall in Phuket is situated in Patong, and the best time to visit tends to be after sunset. You’ll find everything from jewellery to beachwear, as well as health products and spirits. There’s over 200 shops in the centre, as well as a cinema and bowling alley.

For a more authentic experience, Banzaan Market is worth visiting. It sells fresh and local produce, so you can try authentic Thai ingredients and snack on delicious street food.

For Thailand holidays, Patong Beach is the perfect destination. If you want fun, loud nightlife, tropical beaches and great food – you’ll love this island town. The soft sands on Patong Beach are as sought-after as its iconic nightlife, and because of this, it’s popular all year round – even in the rainier months. Patong is welcoming and lively, making it the ideal holiday destination for those who want a fun, relaxing time away.


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