Nai Yang Beach Holidays 2024/2025

Searching for heaven on earth? Explore all the beautiful coastal paradises that Thailand has to offer with Nai Yang Beach holidays. Bathe under the casuarina trees, stroll along the white sands, and swim in the crystalline oceans of Phuket’s best-kept secret.

Providing an authentic taste of south-east Asia while seamlessly delivering picturesque landscapes, authentic Thai cuisine, and tranquil accommodation, Nai Yang beach encapsulates your very own Shangri-La right here on earth, whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday retreat or a vibrant party experience. Confirming the resort’s status as one of the best holidays to Phuket around.

Nai Yang Beach Holiday Deals

A port in a storm

The island of Phuket, Thailand has long been a safe haven and destination of respite and retreat since fisherman and pearl divers of the 19th century used the serene water harbours to seek shelter from monsoon winds across trade routes between India and China.

Modern-day Phuket is renowned for providing the perfect mix of authentic Thai lifestyle coupled with a quaint level of tourism, highlighted perfectly by the hidden wonders of holidays in Nai Yang Beach. A reasonably unexplored and hidden gem of Phuket, Nai Yang is a part of the island that’s been left untouched amid the huge competition of other northern beaches, allowing it to hold on to its authenticity and ancient cultural ties.​

Authentic Thai cuisine

Hankering for some authentic Thai cuisine? Take a short stroll from the sandy shores of the ocean and visit the rural streets just off Nai Yang Beach to enjoy fusion tastes and freshly caught seafood and crustaceans.

If you’re searching for that luxury Thai dining experience, Black Ginger is one Phuket’s most renowned restaurants. Located neatly within the Slate resort, the Ginger serves up some of the freshest contemporary Thai dishes, sure to shock your taste buds into a new way of being. Alternatively, why not tempt yourself with some of the many food stalls selling fresh cuisine or enjoy a romantic picnic on the beach while watching the sunset?​

Relax and unwind

Nai Yang beach holidays boast some of the quietest and undiscovered sands across Phuket, making it the perfect destination for reconnecting your mind, body and soul, aligning your chakras, or simply getting some much-needed relaxation.

Look out for the large sala that’s been erected at one end of the beach where you can receive traditional deep tissue massages for around 300 Bhat (£7). Once your massage is complete, discover the serenity of the hidden beaches by taking part in some yoga classes and meditative stimulation, or take a walk through Sirinat National Park – one of Phuket’s best-kept secrets and wonders of the natural world.​

Swimming and water sports

While Nai Yang Beach provides activities that allow you to relax and meander your thoughts away, there’s also day trips for those looking for something more rigorous. Enjoy professional diving and snorkelling lessons and tick off those bucket-list dreams in the coral reefs of the Andaman Sea, marvelling at exotic fish and enjoying pristine hospitality alongside welcoming diving instructors and other holidaymakers.

Once you’ve explored the reefs and inhabitants beneath the water why not try your hand at water skiing or jet-ski riding, or a day trip to some of Thailand’s most picturesque locations, while exploring caves and coves and all that south-east Asia has to offer.

Luxury Suits

Before you polish yourself up for a relaxing evening of traditional Thai hospitality, music, and culture, allow yourself to experience a sense of prestige with some of the many tailoring and suit makers available across Phuket and Nai Yang Beach.

Relax in the company of expert tailors and seamstresses who craft your suits to bespoke perfection in a range of stylish silks, patterns and materials, providing a quality of service and craftsmanship that isn’t available anywhere else. Return home with an unmistakable token of quality Thai craftsmanship and a noble souvenir of your holiday in Nai Yang Beach.

While Phuket remains just another exquisite oyster in the host of island paradises throughout Thailand and the Andaman Sea, Nai Yang Beach is fast becoming the hidden pearl of the island, gaining a reputation for understated relaxation, quality resorts, and traditional untouched Thai culture. This establishes holidays to Nai Yang Beach as an experience that will create golden memories to resonate with you forever.

Relax and unwind while unearthing levels of paradise you didn’t know were possible with holidays in Nai Yang Beach.


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