Nai Harn Holidays 2024/2025

Experience the best of holidays to Phuket by discovering the beautiful village of Nai Harn where your holiday dreams come to life.

Located on the southern tip of the island and facing the glorious Andaman Sea, holidays in Nai Harn is where the sun leaves a golden glow and the waters run clear.

Phuket’s best-kept secret, it’s the hidden gem where only the locals and in-the-know tourists head to for the ultimate relaxation.

Nai Harn Holiday Deals

Paradise in Phuket

One of the most popular beaches on the island, Nai Harn Beach is a small bay hidden between exotic greens and islands. Where you’ll find sailing boats and luxury yachts, it is frequently visited by both tourists and locals. With soft golden sands and bright blue waters, the beach remains unspoilt despite its popularity.

Maintaining its charm, the beach has plenty of market vendors, restaurants, and hotels where you can sample the finest Thai and seafood dishes Nai Harn has to offer.​

Discover the beaches…

If you’re looking to explore other beaches, you can head to Ya Nui or Ao Sane.

Just a short drive away, you can enjoy fishing, snorkelling and much more at Ya Nui Beach. Little ones love to collect shells here too, meaning that they will be kept busy while you enjoy the surroundings. At Ao Sane, you can grab some rest and shade on the colourful deckings and cushions tucked away in the trees. With no water sports, the beach is quiet, offering much-needed peace.​

Embracing the culture

A step away from the beaches, discover the traditions of Phuket.

Just behind the hotspot of the main beach, you will find the sacred Nai Harn Temple. Hidden among the towering trees, the temple is a majestic building decorated with gold. Locals regard the temple as a holy place, and for tourists, there are rules to adhere to such as no revealing clothing or loud noise. Inside the temple, there is a giant statue of Buddha which locals pay their respects to. In the evening, you will also usually see and hear monks praying.

Just next to the temple is the famous Nai Harn Lake. Home to the annual event Loi Krathong, locals gather in November to light floating candles on its waters. Many believe that it is the time of washing away past sins and making wishes for the New Year.​

Promthep Cape

Located just 5km away from Nai Harn, the most photographed location in the area awaits. A busy tourist spot, you will find a spectacular scene like no other. With a magnificent view of the distant islands and the shimmering sea, people flock to catch the sunset rising on the horizon. A magical experience, it’s where you can capture the true beauty of Phuket.

For an even better view, head to the lighthouse which is also a maritime museum. Once inside, head up to the outdoor viewing balcony.

With temperatures reaching up to 34°C, holidays to Nai Harn offer the perfect holiday for all the family. With incredible viewpoints located in and around the village, be prepared to take plenty of enviable holiday snaps.

The high season runs from November-April, which is when the glorious waters of the Andaman Sea are calm and peaceful. For water-sports enthusiasts, visit in the low season between May-October where the crashing waves create the perfect conditions.​


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