A guide to food and drink in Khao Lak

With an abundance of Thai eateries and some international cuisine thrown in for good measure, Khao Lakholidays transport you to an epicentre of flavour that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning diner. Whether you experience a true taste of Asia or prefer to stick to familiar European classics, many of the restaurants here offer menus with over 100 dishes.

Exploring Khao Lak's delicacies

Rice and noodles are a mainstay of Thai cuisine, commonly served with fresh vegetables and lightly spiced sauces and broths. Pad Thai is a feature on almost every menu in Khao Lak, while fried rice can be found in street stalls and beach shacks across the region.

A hot shrimp soup – known as tom yam yung – is considered a particular delicacy within the area. On your holidays to Khao Lak, you’ll find that each restaurant has their own variation on the classics, making dining out here a truly exciting experience.

A true taste of Asia at Coconut Seafood Restaurant and Bar

Traditional Asian curries take centre stage at Coconut Seafood Restaurant and Bar, where freshly caught flavours of the sea make their way into almost every dish. The restaurant itself is located right next to the beach and is the ideal venue for those who like the idea of taking a relaxed evening walk after a hearty meal.

You’ll recognise the place instantly thanks to its slightly ramshackle appearance, which only adds to the ambience as you sit back and listen to the waves gently lapping the shore. The crab in red pepper sauce is a particular favourite here, while the panang curry is renowned as one of the best in the area. If seafood isn’t your thing, rest assured that the varied menu offers a world of other delights too.

Try something fresh and different at Qcumber

Qcumber is a small and friendly salad bar, serving a range of healthy snacks, smoothies and some of the finest coffee that you’ll find in Khao Lak. Think classic Mediterranean flavours with a Thai twist, thanks to the restaurant’s preference for using fresh, locally grown produce in all of their dishes.

As the name would suggest, this is a particularly great spot for vegetarians – yet it’s just as popular among those who are simply looking for a healthy dining option when holidaying here. Alongside the crisp green salads, highlights include gourmet pastries and artisan breads made with rye grain and molasses.

Authentic Asian street food at DDee Coffee House

Pad Thai and spring rolls are staples of Thai cuisine, and you’ll find all of this and more at the comfortable DDee Coffee House. Authentic street food is served in abundance here, with filling portion sizes that are sure to satisfy even the hungriest of visitors.

The restaurant itself is clean and simple, giving it the feel of a truly casual venue. The prices here are excellent and it’s clear to see just how much passion goes in to creating authentic Thai dishes of the very best quality – from the first bite to the last.

Italian favourites at Pizzeria Restaurante Bella Italia

If you fancy a break from Thai favourites, head to Pizzeria Restaurante Bella Italia, located just off the main street. As you’d expect, pizza and pasta is the order of the day here, all lovingly created by the in-house Italian chef.

With fresh ingredients imported directly from Italy, it’s easy to find familiar European flavours at this warm and welcoming restaurant. The traditional gnocchi is a dish not to be missed – just make sure you save plenty of room to enjoy some authentic Italian gelato for afters.

Venture across the bridge to Krua Thai on the Beach

The very best flavours of Thailand combine at this beachside restaurant, with everything from tom yum and sticky rice to fried bananas on the menu. Boasting some of the finest cocktails in the area and a generous happy hour to boot, it’s a venue that many of those heading to Khao Lak choose to visit more than once.

Take a short stroll along the sand and across a rickety bridge to this somewhat hidden haven of Thai cuisine. With friendly staff who are committed to making your meal as enjoyable as possible, you’ll feel welcome here no matter what time of day you visit.