A guide to the best restaurants in La Pineda

If you plan on eating out during your holiday in La Pineda, you’ll be surprised at how much choice there is and the quality of what’s on offer. Restaurants in this area are usually good value and it’s very easy to get high-quality, traditional Spanish food for much less than you’d expect. From sushi to spare ribs to pizza you’ll be able to find plenty to suit the tastes of you and your party. For a small place, La Pineda has lots of restaurants, so here are 10 of the best to help you decide where to eat, even if you’re visiting on Costa Dorada package holidays.

Mediterranean delights at El Restaurant

El Restaurant might not have the most imaginative name in the world, but don’t let that put you off. El Restaurant is the official restaurant of Pacha La Pineda, one of the biggest nightclubs in Spain, and has a reputation for its avant-garde take on Mediterranean cuisine. The inside is modern and classy, and the restaurant itself comes with a cocktail bar, ideal for drinks before and after dinner. Prices are a little more than average but not shockingly so, and the food is of a very high quality.

Spare ribs at Oh La La

Oh La La is a Dutch-owned restaurant doing a variety of hearty dishes, including lots of meat and local fish. However, they’re most famous for their spare ribs – every Monday they do a special offer involving all you can eat ribs, so if you don’t mind getting your hands sticky then Oh La La comes thoroughly recommended.

Healthy portions at La Casa Nostra

In Catalonia many of the locals already have a second language to deal with, so learning English isn’t necessarily a priority. This can make ordering food a bit tricky, especially when you’ve got children to please. La Casa Nostra does big portions of traditional Spanish food as well as pizza and other favourites and the menu is translated, so this a great option for those looking for some stress-free grub.

Pizza party at Soma Bistro

Soma Bistro specialises in pizza, and some say it’s the best you’ll find in La Pineda. On the menu you’ll also find some excellent tapas, and everything is prepared with care and passion from quality ingredients.

Ice cream time at Heladeria Il Gelato

La Pineda does well when it comes to ice-cream. Heladeria Il Gelato is one of a couple of real quality ice cream parlours, where you can find every flavour under the sun – including Kit Kat and Ferrero Rocher. Even if you’re travelling on an All Inclusive Costa Dorada adventure, there’s always time to step out for ice cream.

Caffeine-fix at Momentos by Mora

Sometimes you just need a decent coffee and some carbs to get your day back on track. Momentos by Mora is a small and charming coffee shop where the quality of their coffee is only matched by their delicious snacks and pastries.

Fresh seafood at Che Del Mar

Che Del Mar has a light and breezy interior looking out over the beach. On the menu you’ll find excellent seafood dishes and tapas prepared with a bit of creative flair, and after your meal you’ll be treated to a complimentary, palate-cleansing liqueur. The unpretentious atmosphere has people coming back night after night.

Spanish classics at Restaurante Dorado ArroZeria

The Restaurante Dorda ArroZeria doesn’t just do surprisingly good food for a large restaurant catering mainly to tourists – it does good food full-stop. You’ll find a large menu where local seafood takes precedence, and all the familiar Spanish classics are there, all executed very well.

Sweet treats at Gelatia

Gelatia is another place in La Pineda serving quality ice-cream. You’ll be surprised at how good value it is, and there’s also coffee available if you’re looking for a bit of hot and cold contrast. Make the most of your money on cheap Costa Dorada holidays by spending a little of that well-saved cash at Gelatia.

All tastes catered for at Mix La Pineda

Mix La Pineda combines modern styling with the use of local ingredients, as well as expertise in the art of cocktail making. This gives it the feel of something slightly avant-garde, but still welcoming and chilled out. There’s a lovely terrace where you can enjoy an expertly made drink while looking out over the Mediterranean. And the menu is broad enough to suit the tastes of any group – you’ll find everything from sushi to hamburgers.