What's the weather like in Costa del Sol?

Choosing the best time to travel can be an art form. There’s a lot of information to weigh up and things to decide on before you book a holiday. But the most important aspect of any trip is to get the weather right.

Sunshine and heat are among the top factors people look for when going on holiday, and Costa del Sol has both of these in spades. If you’re eager to travel to this sun-kissed Spanish coastline, here’s a run down of the weather year-round, so you know exactly when it’s the best time to book.


Spring sees a quick increase in sunshine and a return of that famous Spanish heat.

Temperatures rise through the months and by May you’ll see averages between 18 and 23°C. May makes for a popular time to visit as the tourist season hasn’t yet begun and the beaches and resorts are quieter.

The sea may not yet be warm enough to swim in, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to deepen that tan on the beach. You may still see a shower or two during your visit to Costa del Sol in the spring time, especially if you visit in March or April.

Make sure to bring a few jumpers, as the cool breeze of the Mediterranean can make the evenings chilly.


Once summer hits Costa del Sol the coastlinesrestaurants and resorts start filling up, and for good reason too. The weather this time of year makes this region the ultimate beach holiday destination.

Temperatures peak in August and average around 26°C, but have been known to get up to the 40s during heat waves. Between June and August Costa del Sol sees an average of 11 hours of sunshine a day and the sea can get as warm as 23°C – perfect for a relaxing swim.

The combination of hot days, tons of sunshine, warm sea temperatures and a bustling holiday vibe makes the summer months the most popular time to visit Costa del Sol.


September to November in Costa del Sol sees the most diversity in its weather. This southern region of Spain has a typical Mediterranean climate and sees around 325 days of sunshine a year, though it’s not immune to chilly weather and a few rainy days.

Autumn starts off beautifully with average temperatures around 23°C and eight hours of sunshine a day. The sea in September is still lovely and warm, and makes for perfect swimming conditions with temperatures around 22°C.

As the months continue on we see a quick decline in the heat department, with temperatures dropping to averages of 15°C in November and just six hours of sunshine a day. November is also the wettest month of the year in Costa del Sol while September sees very little rain.


Winter is by far the coldest time of the year in Costa del Sol. But thanks to the shielding Sierra Bermeja mountain range, the weather for European standards stays quite mild.

December through February sees averages of 13°C, but with a cool breeze coming in from the Mediterranean it can seem colder.

Winter is classified as the region’s off season, and has the least amount of visitors as weather can be overcast and the sea is too cold to swim in. If you do wish to travel during this time make sure you research the surrounding area as some restaurants and shops may be closed.

It’s not difficult to see where Costa del Sol gets its name from. With sunshine almost all year-round this southern Spanish hotspot is always seeing a huge influx of visitors to its shores. Decide what time of year you’d like to visit and book your next Costa del Sol holiday today.