A guide to the best restaurants in Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is well known for its selection of restaurants offering outside seating with excellent views of the marina and the sea beyond, tempting guests out from the All Inclusive hotels Costa del Sol is known for. The range of cuisine on offer reflects Puerto Banus’ reputation as a truly international resort. You’ll find everything from Thai to Argentinian with the most popular cuisines being Spanish and Italian. To help you get to grips with the vast choice of restaurants in Puerto Banus we’ve picked 10 of the best for you to look out for. While things are a little on the pricier side, even a cheap holiday to Costa del Sol can afford a little luxury at some of these best renowned restaurants.

Simple Mediterranean splendour at Piucaro

Piucaro is set slightly away from the really crowded areas, has wonderful sea views and its simple, stylish décor fits perfectly with the surroundings. The menu is a mixture of European and Mediterranean favourites in which the excellent produce of Andalusia is allowed to speak for itself.

Fire and flesh at Tango

Argentinian food is all about meat meeting fire, with not much in between. Tango takes this concept and refines it slightly, and while the menu does have plenty of options for vegetarians and fish lovers, their speciality is Argentinian beef cooked on a grill.

Harbour views at Belvedere

Belvedere is home to an enormous terrace with some of the best views in Puerto Banus. A place where you can sit outside, watch the sun set over the harbour and enjoy a fine selection of pizza, pasta and seafood.

Rustic Italian at Carpaccio

Carpaccio is a family-friendly, popular restaurant by the marina with a menu that’s all about Italy. With a friendly, flexible kitchen, proper wood-fire pizzas and home-made pasta, Carpaccio is one of those places that you leave feeling happy.

Classic cosy cooking at Los Bandidos

Los Bandidos’ comfortable and elegant interior befits its placement as one the best known restaurants to sit by Puerto Banus marina. The food is a mixture of firm European favourites, from foie gras to gravlax, all cooked and presented beautifully and made with excellent ingredients.

Stylish Mediterranean at Paparotti

Paparotti specialises in Mediterranean and Italian cooking without too much complication, instead letting the robust flavours and Andalusian ingredients take the spotlight. The interior is modern and funky and Paparotti is a good choice for large groups and families.

Meat and heat at Aire Grill & Fun

A grill and fun? Count us in. The name may be slightly lost in translation, but there are few places in Puerto Banus that can touch Aire Grill & Fun when it comes to a welcoming atmosphere and a properly cooked steak.

Alfresco heaven at La Sala by the Sea

La Sala by the Sea is a little haven on the marina front where you’ll be served delicious platters and appetisers at your sunbed during the day. Then in the evening you can sit down, watch the stars come out and enjoy European classics with the occasional Asian twist.

Spice up your life at Naga

The flavour combinations involved in Thai food are incredible. Combine them with brilliant Spanish ingredients, warm service and reasonable prices and you have a restaurant that’s a firm favourite among visitors to Puerto Banus.

See food and eat at La Taberna del Pinxto

Things are a little bit different at La Taberna del Pinxto. The fun concept there is that instead of taking orders, waiting staff will be wandering around with pinxtos, or small bites made of delicious things on bread. Eating small bits like this with a few drinks is a lovely, social way of eating and the pinxtos at La Taberna del Pinxto are second to none.