Weather forecast in Benidorm

Believe it or not, Benidorm has an exceptionally sunny climate almost all year round and we’ve got its location on the Mediterranean coastline of southeast Spain to thank for that. From long, hot summers to pleasantly mild winters, its surrounding mountains help to keep things toasty along with clearer skies and less winds.

Boasting over 300 sunny days every year, the question everyone wants to know is when exactly is the best time to visit Benidorm? To help you out, here’s an overview of what you can expect month by month from Benidorms weather.

Weather in Benidorm in January

Average Temperature: 12°C

Average Rainfall: 12mm per month

Costa Blanca may not be the first winter holiday destination that springs to mind in January, but it’s certainly a great place to go for somewhere that’s warmer than the UK’s minus temperatures! Even though the heat only hovers around 12°C, the sunshine stays out for a lengthy ten hours each day and doesn’t set until around 6pm – makes a change to those early dark nights that we’re used to! As for rain, there’s an average of 12mm this month so chances are it will just be the odd shower. The weather in Benidorm in January may mean you need to pack an extra layer, but it’s a great temperature to get out and explore with plenty of things to do.

Weather in Benidorm in February

Average Temperature: 13°C

Average Rainfall: 2mm per month

Although Benidorms weather in February is still very mild, temperatures have been known to reach up to 18°C on the odd occasion and there’s only a tiny 2mm average of rainfall. It may be a little too cold to swim in the sea at this time of year but the good news is many hotels have the added benefit of an indoor or heated pool, so you can certainly still pack your swimming costume! As for an evening, we’d recommend packing something a little warmer as temperatures can drop to around 6°C.

Weather in Benidorm in March

Average Temperature: 15°C

Average Rainfall: 17mm per month

The weather in Benidorm in March starts to warm up a little as the Spring season kick starts. The average daily temperature sits at 15°C but can reach a maximum of 20°C so be sure to pack plenty of short sleeves and T-shirts! Benidorm holidays in March are perfect for those who enjoy a sunny climate without the busyness of the summer crowds. Evenings are still a little chilly averaging out at around 7°C so make sure you add a light jacket onto your packing list too!

Weather in Benidorm in April

Average Temperature: 17°C

Average Rainfall: 3mm per month

Thinking about jetting off to Benidorm in April for the Easter holidays? You’d be making a good decision. The southeast cost of Spain during this month sees lots of sunny weather making it a great time to enjoy its Blue Flag beaches before the peak summer season starts. Although there’s a 47% chance of seeing clouds, that doesn’t stop the temperatures from climbing up to a delightful 17°C. As expected with the temperature increase, the UV levels creep up too so make sure sun cream remains topped up, regardless of the clouds!

Weather in Benidorm in May

Average Temperature: 20°C

Average Rainfall: 3mm per month

What is the weather like in Benidorm in May? This is when the weather in Benidorm really kicks off! As summer approaches, things start heating up with temperatures reaching the toasty twenties and the clouds slowly but surely disappearing. That goes for the sea water too, it’s around 19°C which we understand is still a little too cool for most but if you fancy a dip, it’s definitely possible. If you’d rather kick-back on the sands, you can expect nine hours of sunshine – plenty of time to work on that tan!

Weather in Benidorm in June

Average Temperature: 24°C

Average Rainfall: 2mm per month

If you’re going to Benidorm in June, prepare for glorious sunshine of around 26°C each day. We think that calls for a suitcase packed with your favourite swimwear, light clothing and plenty of sun cream! UV levels will be very high so you must take good care if you’re out in the sun all day. Winds are also kept to a minimum thanks to the surrounding mountains that successful act as a shield. The night time stays pleasant too, with things cooling down to a mild 16°C, so even when you head home after some good food, colourful drinks and even a bit of dancing you should feel a good temperature.

Weather in Benidorm in July

Average Temperature: 27°C

Average Rainfall: 1mm per month

If you like sun, sea and sizzling heat then Benidorm in July is for you. Say hello to temperatures as high as 32°C on some days and an average of 27°C on others. This is the month with the longest days so you’ll have plenty of time to bask in the sunshine on its award winning beaches, while enjoying a cool breeze from the Mediterranean coast. We would however suggest seeking some shade at midday when the heat reaches its peak. When the sun eventually sets at around 9pm, you’ll still benefit from balmy evenings of around 19°C.

Weather in Benidorm in August

Average Temperature: 26°C

Average Rainfall: 4mm per month

The weather in Benidorm during August is the hottest you’ll find it all year! There are highs of 31°C and lows only dipping to 20°C – it’s safe to say warm clothing is very unlikely to be needed so swap those cardigans for the coolest attire you own! Although rain can’t be totally ruled out, there are only five drizzly days expected for the whole month so chances are you won’t see much of it during your holiday. Besides, you might be thankful for it to cool you down…

Weather in Benidorm in September

Average Temperature: 23°C

Average Rainfall: 10mm per month

Benidorm weather in September does start to cool off a little but you can rest assured knowing that temperatures don’t dip any lower than the 23°C mark — now we can’t complain about that! The sun shines for eight hours each day, which gives you plenty of time to soak it up on the sands or take a dip in the sea. In fact, September makes a great time of year to swim in the Mediterranean as the water is a pleasant 25°C. Speaking of water, rain showers are fairly common this month but they’re light and won’t last long.

Weather in Benidorm in October

Average Temperature: 20°C

Average Rainfall: 11mm per month

October is the month in which we wave goodbye to the summer season in Benidorm and enter the winter period. Don’t worry though, the season transition is nothing like here in the UK. There’s still glorious sunshine for around seven hours each day of which can reach up to 25°C. Plus, the sea is still just about warm enough for swimming in. As expected, the chance of rainfall does increase and October is considered the wettest month of the year so we’d suggest taking a waterproof as well as your flip flops!

Weather in Benidorm in November

Average Temperature: 15°C

Average Rainfall: 10mm per month

It may be just a two-hour flight away, however Benidorm weather in November is totally different to what you’d find in the UK. Put it this way – hats, scarves and gloves will certainly not be needed! On average temperatures sit around 15°C, the perfect kind of heat for exploring what this bubbly resort has to offer beyond the beach. From its cobbled old town to neighbouring city Alicante, the low humidity and odd rain shower can make day trips that little bit more comfortable.

Weather in Benidorm in December

Average Temperature: 12°C

Average Rainfall: 16mm per month

You don’t have to travel as far as you may think to escape the chill of the UK this December. Benidorm serves up five pleasant hours of sunshine each day so that you can get that Vitamin D fix you’ve been longing for. Of course temperatures aren’t scorching at this time of year – they’re a daily average of 12°C which is still warm enough to enjoy a beach stroll or a spot of al fresco dining. Just remember to pack a hoodie or two, particularly for an evening or the possibility of a rain a shower.