A guide to nightlife in Bled

Bled is a peaceful lakeside town, but those looking for fun after dark won’t be left wanting. A mix of live music and superb cocktail bars makes this a surprisingly lively place to holiday, with happy-go-lucky crowds that never get too rowdy. Check out some of our favourite places ahead of your Lake Bled holiday.

Cheeky drinks at Devil's Cafe & Bar

Coffee shop by day and cocktail bar by night, this place stays open until 3AM. It’s got some serious style thanks to its arched ceilings and dark wooden bar space, while the TV shows off sports to keep you entertained over a pint or a mojito.

Practice your air guitar at Rock Bar Bled

You can’t miss this place when talking about Lake Bled nightlife. Its modern design makes it a big curve of glass and neon, while good old fashioned rock and beer reigns inside. Live music acts take to the stage on special nights, and there are snacks and coffees to keep you lively into the early hours.

Find your following at the Kult Club

While it sounds like a place that houses raves, this is actually a fantastically chilled out gem. Golden oldies and thumping rock pour out of the speakers over a stylish interior filled with columns and art. Beers, cocktails and wines round off a superb drink selection, and they do great burgers too.

Life is sweet at A Propos Cocktail Bar

It’s never too late for ice cream, and you can grab cones or sundaes here into the night. That same flair for toppings and whipped cream is just as likely to adorn an espresso martini however, as the cocktails here are loud and proud. Definitely visit if you like your tipples on the wild side.

Great views at Asko

Outside you’re surrounded by rolling hills and valleys, with views of the town. Inside there’s warm lighting, big arches and a fine chandelier. Style is everything at Asko, but you’re just as able to rock up and grab a few pints thanks to the superb selection of beers on tap.

Exotic style at Tropical Bar

Styled like a modern cabana, this place serves up pizza and wraps as well as the usual range of cocktails. Rum and cokes here are on the affordable side, while service is fast. It’s a compact space, but never too crowded, making it a hidden gem.

Lakeside style at Art Cafe Bar

The coffees and cakes of the daytime give way to wines and lagers after nightfall. Art Cafe Bar is tucked right by the water’s edge, making good views a given, and its ambience is always laid-back. The building is beautifully Gothic in places too.

Big smiles at Bar Planincek

Every town needs that one bar where they know your name, and for many, that’s Bar Planincek. The staff are keen to meet their visitors, and the whole place has a relaxed feel that makes it easy to unwind after a long day’s hiking or touring.

Make Pub Bled Janez Troha your holiday local

Old signs and pictures laden the dark walls of this pub, which is as traditional as they come. While the cocktail menu is surprisingly vast, you’re just as likely to appreciate a cool draught ale or a bottle of beer. It’s nicely central too, so you can start or end your night here while visiting the other bars around.

Terrace tipples aplenty at Club Stop Robert Nemecek

More lounge than nightclub, this place benefits from a wide-ranging taste in live music acts. Everything from Latin love songs to country & western takes to the stage here, but you’re also free to escape to the terrace for a Mai Tai or two.