Romania Holidays 2024/2025

Holidays to Romania offer you the best of both worlds with history and culture filled city breaks and a peaceful countryside just waiting to be explored. Romania may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you’re planning your next holiday but there’s plenty to be discovered and explored.


An interesting and unique European destination

Romania is in Southeastern Europe bordering BulgariaHungary and Moldova and has been in the European Union since 1st January 2007.

Being located in Southeastern Europe means Romania has a varied climate and during the summer months it can reach temperatures over 30 degrees. and In winter the temperature can drop below 3 degrees but wrap up and this could be a great year-round destination.


  • Bucharest
  • What to do in Romania

    The perfect destination for history lovers, Romania has a long history with lots to show for it. Head to the historic centre of Sibiu, in Transylvania and see the remains of stunning 12th Century architecture with a guided tour or wander around soaking it all up in your own time. Sibiu is a mediaeval town so there really is an abundance of sights to see, discover the remnants of the defensive city walls, cross the Bridge of Lies, and ogle at the incredible Cathedrals that were built hundreds of years ago.

    Perhaps you might favour grass and hiking boots over snow and skis, well as we said, Romania has the best of both worlds. With the hot summer temperatures, escaping to the mountains can be the breath of fresh air you need. With cooler temperatures and spectacular sights, spend days exploring the Faragas Mountains where the country’s largest glacial lake is. Balea lake can be accessed by cable car in the winter but also by the infamous Transfagarasan road in the other seasons. Transfagarasan road is one of the most jaw dropping roads in the world with hairpin bends at over 2000m high!

    Iconic sights in Bucharest

    Bucharest is the capital of Romania and is one of the up and coming most popular European city break destinations. It’s a budget friendly destination and with a unique café culture that’s just waiting to be explored. Bucharest is home to some iconic sights like the world’s largest parliamentary building. The Palace of Parliament is a sentiment to Romanian engineering skill and materials with over 3 million square feet and more than a thousand rooms, the marble floors and hardwood and gold will really make you gawk.

    Bucharest Old Town is another must see when in Romania. The streets are lined with history and beautiful architecture and the old town is in the very centre of the city centre. Take a bike tour through the streets, embark on a pub crawl across the Old Town, or take a seat in every café to try new dishes. Although Bucharest Old Town is only 20% of what it used to be, you could spend several days here and still not run out of things to do.


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