A guide to the best restaurants in Vilamoura

When you visit Vilamoura, you’re going to have the chance to taste some of the finest dishes in Portugal. Remember, food is at the beating heart of the social experience during holidays to the Algarve, so pour yourself a glass of wine and settle in for smiles, sunshine and sensational restaurant options.

Get a taste for the modern at Salmora

Contemporary design and trendy fusion food is all in a day’s work for Salmora. Its distinctive look and feel make it a popular place for everyone to get together over cocktails and seafood, although the gourmet burgers and tapas also leave many visitors full and inspired.

Eat today's freshest catch at The Fisherman's Shack

It’s seafood aplenty at this rustic restaurant, where the walls are garlanded in maritime tales and the menu heaves with fish dishes, home-grown delights and a particularly famous chocolate mousse. Once an obscure little place that only those in the know could find, today it’s a proud treasure everyone should experience during holidays to Portugal.

Get some spice in your diet at MY Thai

From chicken satay to coconut rice, it’s safe to say that Thai cuisine has got quite a following for its unique flavours and spices. The best of those are yours to savour at MY Thai, which pulls together classic favourites and mixes in a few new interpretations. It’s quite a feast for the senses.

Enjoy cultured cuisine at Cafe del Arte

Cafe del Arte has gained a pretty loyal following among both Portuguese patrons and holidaymakers. The menu hosts everything from soups and noodles to Moroccan chicken, while live music and big smiles are a frequent accompaniment to an evening in this chic yet down-to-earth locale.

Taste the difference at Don Alfonso

Sublime steaks and huge racks of lamb make up much of the menu at Don Alfonso, together with prawn risottos and truly exquisite desserts. It enjoys a solid reputation for generous portions that don’t skimp on presentation, while the service is sure to make for a perfect meal in these soothing surroundings.

Welcome the flavours at Romarina

Where else could you start your day on a full English breakfast, come back at lunchtime for a succulent toasted sandwich, then return in the evening for woodfired gourmet pizza? Romarina combines its inspirations to tremendous effect, and its distinctive crisp white appearance will make it a beacon in the night that is sure to get your tummy rumbling.

Entice your tastebuds at Tuttapanna

Tuttapanna bears the distinction of bringing fine Italian dining under the same roof as sumptuous sushi from Japan. It has a wine rack that stretches from floor to ceiling. Don’t skimp on desserts either, because there are cheesecakes here that have to be seen to be believed.

Liven up your palate at The Taste of India

Little rounds off a good night out better than some high quality Indian food, and that’s exactly what you can expect in the welcoming interior of The Taste of India. Samosas, a host of curry dishes and a wide range of traditional flavours make this venue a popular spot during anyone’s stay in Vilamoura.

Enjoy dim sum on the marina at Zu Yi

If you love Chinese food, make a point of trying what’s on offer at Zu Yi. With sea views and a menu compiled of all the classics, you can have chow mein, dim sum, Peking duck and spring rolls by the score, with generous portions ensuring full stomachs all round.

Eat peri peri perfection at Chico's

The extensive wine list at Chico’s is only the beginning. This traditional establishment specialises in big hearty steaks and a variety of creamy desserts, together with seafood dishes that zing with flavour. The surroundings here are warm and inviting, with soft music that lets conversation flow with ease.