A guide to the best restaurants in Praia Da Luz

Holidays to the Algarve aren’t complete unless you’ve sampled the local cuisine, and the quaint Portuguese community of Praia Da Luz has come a long way since its origins as a fishing village. The menus range from seafood to pizza and gourmet burgers to chinese. Take our advice and grab a menu at some of our most beloved spots, and you’ll find Praia Da Luz does plenty to appease your appetite.

Taste the ambience with your food at OndaLuz

Seafood and Mediterranean cuisine are yours at OndaLuz, which has a family feel with all the modern trimmings. Wines by the score line the shelves ready for your inspection, while mussels, grilled fish steaks and delicious Portuguese dishes are ferried back and forth by friendly and attentive waiting staff.

You only live once, so head to Restaurant Yolo

With its distinctive name, crisp white appearance and cheerful feel, Restaurant Yolo has earned a great reputation for itself in the local community. A lot of that comes down to the love that goes into each of its dishes, which range from kebabs to fish-cakes to creme brulee.

Eat steak as it should be at Look Steak Cafe

Although there’s seafood, burgers, tagliatelle and a host of vegetarian options available, most visitors come to this venue for one thing and one thing only. That’s steak, cooked to precise personal preference, garnished in sauce and served with succulent sides.

Embrace some eastern mystique at Royal Garden

Just because you’re in Portugal, that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on wholesome Chinese food. Everything from crispy duck and chow mein through to dim sum and spicy ribs can be found at Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant, which has become the go-to venue for quality Asian cuisine in Praia Da Luz.

Get huge portions at Pizza Real

Curries, chips and pizzas fully loaded with toppings make Pizza Real a stand out choice for the whole family during Praia da Luz holidays. Fast food greats get treated with home-cooked care and attention here, and that definitely comes through in the flavours you’ll be taking in.

Take dinner by the sea at Dolphin Restaurante

Dolphins love their seafood, although in fairness they don’t have much choice. Luckily, those of us in Praia Da Luz can eat seabass and fish dishes at Dolphin Restaurante, together with a range of salads and some rich and creamy desserts. Couple that experience with soothing sea views, and you’re onto a winner.

Go international at Chicca's

Start with the salad, move on to tempura prawns in the spirit of Japanese tradition, then round off with chorizo from Spain and gorgeous moussaka from Greece. That’s the experience modern Chicca’s offers, although there are plenty of traditional home-cooked Portuguese dishes here, too.

Try fish suppers at Atlantico

The spirit of the sea sings strongly in Atlantico, where sole and seabass compete for a position on your platter. While they do salads, lamb racks and piri piri chicken here too, it’s the seafood that really waters mouths for visitors to Atlantico.

Take a break at Arteburguer

Stroll up from the sea and turn into the side street to find Arteburguer, where jazz paintings line the walls. The menu offers everything from gourmet burgers to fish dinners and lamb casseroles, so settle in for a spell and let the flavours soothe your spirit.

Savour a slice at Endless Summer Beach Bar & Pizza

Who could say no to wood-fired, stone-baked pizza by the coast? Certainly not us, and with the affordable menu also covering a wide range of tapas, hot coffee and groovy cocktails, you can enjoy people-watching over the beach with a drink in one hand and a slice of the good stuff in the other.