Best Nightlife in Portimao

The cosy traditions and charm of Portimao fizzle into some sensational nightlife after sunset. The fun here definitely isn’t over once the sunshine fades, so take a jaunt to some of the best hotspots in town for cool drinks and cooler surroundings, all backed up by that slick Portuguese style.

Drink colourful cocktails at The Manhattan Bar

This hideaway is down south towards {:Praia da Rocha}, with an interior decked out in exposed brickwork and Americana. A rainbow of affordable cocktails are the order of the day here, and they’re as much about carefully crafted flavours as they are about style.

Rock on at Bar Marginalia

With its ceiling arches and stonework, there’s a gothic undercurrent to Bar Marginalia, but don’t let that fool you. This is Portimao’s premier rock bar, where live music is always blasting. From bands to DJs, there’s a good mix of genres here, but the screaming guitars are what make the most unforgettable nights.

Chat with the friendly staff of Absolutely Cocktail Lounge Bar

Curvy furniture and groovy lighting set up the modern and spacious Absolutely Cocktail Lounge Bar, although people don’t just come here for the decor. As the name suggests, cocktails are what they do best here, and the staff know their stuff, as well as befriending everyone who comes through the door.

Drink in style at Something Else Lounge

With a name like that, you’re set up to expect something out of the ordinary, and that’s where Something Else Lounge more than delivers. Black furniture and red walls set the tone for sublime evenings spent over finely crafted cocktails. It’s a favoured meeting place for friends planning their next adventure in the city.

Dance all night at Bar Diagonal

Open until the early hours, Bar Diagonal evokes the feeling of a hidden hotspot through its use of mood lighting and shimmering floor tiles. The good music and top range of tipples give the bar as much substance as style, so don’t expect to leave before sunrise.

Get groovy at Boogie Bar

Cool colours and warm smiles grace evenings spent at Boogie Bar, where every kind of visitor is given something to do. Wannabe starlets have the chance to indulge in some karaoke, sports fans have a choice of screens to watch the match on, and the laid-back feel of the place makes it easy to unwind.

Settle for a pint at Daly's Irish Bar

Everyone likes a traditional Irish pub, and you won’t be left wanting in Portimao. Daly’s is the one that most visitors favour, and its traditional down-to-earth charms keep smiles on faces long into the night. Naturally, all the favourites are waiting on tap, and the music keeps nights lively.

Have a laugh at Dela Roca Bar

Dela Roca manages to combine a comedy club, a cocktail bar, a live music venue and a classic hangout spot for nightlife fans. Bottles are dotted behind the bar on illuminated block shelves, with spirits and beers in plentiful supply, while the wooden interior and inviting staff make evenings here breezy and brilliant.

Dance after midnight at Disco Pe de Vento

Once the clock strikes 12, the party gets started at Disco Pe de Vento, where it’s pretty much a requirement to dance until dawn. Everything from the appealing interior to the affordable cocktail menu ticks the right boxes, while the choices of tunes incorporate modern and classic greats that keep the floor packed for hours.