Located directly on Agadir Beach, the ROBINSON Agadir hotel is the last word in beautiful finishes, great locations and guest satisfaction. Following an extensive refurbishment, the grounds have been landscaped to perfection and luxury has become a watchword, with a beautiful open-air pool and quiet indoor option both now available, as well as a spa specialising in Oriental treatments.

International fare is prepared daily in the large buffet restaurant and for some extra romance, the beach restaurant can be booked for sunset dining, but don’t worry about your waistline, as there are endless fitness facilities to take advantage of. Five golf courses are within easy reach, tennis and football amenities are on hand and you can even participate in daily pool games.

Overview of Agadir

For travellers that want a big dose of exotic culture and a feast for the senses during their escapades, holidays to Morocco are perfect. With a number of different regions to explore, there’s a Morocco for everyone, and for modern-minded holidaymakers, Agadir is the ideal destination.

Focused around a gorgeous golden beach, Agadir, home to the ROBINSON Agadir hotel, draws travellers who are looking for a blend of sporty fun, relaxation and café culture. With a restaurant-packed promenade, upmarket marina and enough top golf courses to rival Scotland, Agadir is able to cater to everybody without diluting that special exoticism that Morocco is famous for.

Things to do in Agadir

Although the ROBINSON Agadir hotel has everything you could possibly need, there’s too much to see and do in Agadir to simply stay within the complex. The first port of call should, naturally, be the beach that the hotel grounds lead out into, which is a family-friendly haven of golden sand and warm Atlantic waters flanked by cafes and restaurants.

Rebuilt in the 1960s, Agadir is geared towards tourists with shop- and restaurant-lined piazzas pointing you in the direction of the most popular areas. For a touch of glamour, you should head to the marina for a seafood dinner and the best people-watching opportunities around.

Morocco has a magnetic appeal thanks to the mysterious culture that permeates the entire country and Agadir offers an easy introduction to it, alongside a healthy dose of contemporary luxury.

Resort Summary

Agadir is a compact city in the foothills of Morocco’s Anti-Atlas Mountains. Its impressive sandy beach, exciting promenade, smart piazzas, and many boutiques and dining opportunities are all within walking distance, making cheap Agadir holidays an ideal choice. While plenty of nearby attractions, including an ancient Berber Town, bring the area’s history to life.