A guide to food and drink in Puerto Vallarta

As well as many top notch restaurants and charming cafes, you’ll find some of the most authentic cuisine in the region along the coast in taco stands, beach shacks and cenadurias – which are family-run restaurants dishing up authentic, homecooked food.

Exploring Puerto Vallarta's delicacies

When it comes to authentic Mexican food, Puerto Vallarta is at the heart of it all. It’s located within the sovereign state of Jalisco, which is known for originating some of Mexico’s biggest contributions to the culinary world such as tacos and tequila. Its seaside location also means that many restaurants boast freshly caught ocean treasures.

Puerto Vallarta even hosts its very own International Gourmet Festival every November, a great time of year to snap up cheap trips to Mexico. During this time, award-winning chefs flock from around the world and team up with local restaurateurs to create some seriously mind-blowing dishes.

Appearances count at Cafedesartistes

All dishes at this gourmet restaurant are works of art, so much so that you’ll be tempted to just gaze at them instead of dig in. And don’t even get us started on the decor – lush greenery and a grove of light bulb chandeliers make this place look more like a wonderland than reality.

Here, the chefs turn local culinary traditions on their head, using the same seafood you’d find on sticks out by the beach but doused in decadent foam and paint-like sauces. This is the place to go if you fancy something different, memorable and truly delicious.

No frills, authentic seafood at Jorge's Hideaway Shrimp Shack

Proof that looks can be deceiving, some of the best and most authentic seafood dishes in the area come from this local spot, which is actually the house that Jorge’s grandmother once owned.

Served by Jorge himself and his family, you’ll be treated to fresh fish like tuna steak and prawns of all variety, including pineapple-doused and coconut-encrusted ones. This is true Mexican food, at its most delicious.

Handmade, delicious tacos at Tacos Revolucion

Travel to Mexico and you’ll find a huge variety of local flavours. Tacos Revolution is the place to go for a taste of Puerto Vallarta’s cuisine and everything here is handmade, from the tortillas to the guacamole, served creamy and thick.

And then there are the tacos, of course. Served with everything from freshly-made salsa to a choice of pork, shrimp and fish, the geniuses at Taco Revolucion make this simple dish taste gourmet. If you want an introduction to authentic Mexican cuisine, this is the perfect spot to start your journey.

Seafood by the sea at Ocean Grill

As the name suggests, the Ocean Grill is located on the rocky coast of Puerto Vallarta and offers a beautiful sea view. With outside balcony seating, this top-rated restaurant serves a diverse and delectable array of food including steak, fish, burgers and salads.

As well as being delicious, all of the dishes here are beautifully crafted and gorgeously presented. Expect flavoursome dinners overlooking a stunning evening sea – the perfect way to end luxurious holidays in Mexico.

Welcomed by the family at No Way Jose

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, No Way Jose is an excellent place to dine. The family-owned restaurant serves delicious contemporary Mexican cuisine.

The welcoming and friendly staff prioritise your happiness and will do everything in their power to ensure that you have a wonderful and joyful dining experience. This is the perfect place to enjoy your evening meal with friends and family.